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7 Superpowers of a Knockout Infographic

Infographics are a proven way to showcase your message, raise brand awareness and establish authority in your niche. But what makes a knockout infographic that gets more shares, drives traffic and attracts quality links from quality, relevant websites?

In this infographic we share proven tips for creating an infographic that gets results, by revealing 7 elements or “superpowers” that you need to consider across your infographic design, story and promotion – with all tips and strategies featured on an infographic for your reference.

Traditionally “visual” platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are leading the way in this trend towards Visual Social Media, but it is no longer just those platforms that are integrating images into the mix. Even sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are embracing images.

There are 3 elements to a successful infographic that gets shared and drives traffic: Storyboarding, Design and Promotion

Each element is equally as important as the next. Without a story or message that is relevant to your ideal audience or “viewer”, your design will fall down.Without great design, your story is not effectively showcased…and it goes without saying that without strategic promotion of your infographic, it won’t be seen by the right audience. Each element is equally important. None of these elements stand alone, for instance:

Storyboarding happens early on when you are planning your infographic but it also happens throughout the design phase. Sometimes your message might seem great on paper, but when it is turned into visuals, you may need to tweak the wording, imagery, positioning or even overall message.

Design of an infographic takes into account your promotion phase as you are doing it. Consider who you will be reaching out to about your infographic? Are there brands or websites or industry influencers/leaders who you can reference in your infographic? Can you “feature” them with quotes, stats, industry case studies or source references? Everyone likes to be showcased in a positive way!

Put simply, from start to finish, your infographic will see the intertwining of Storyboarding, Design and Promotion.

In this infographic we showcase 7 elements or "superpowers" of an effective Infographic:
1 Story
2 Style
3 Simplicity
4 Size
5 Stats
6 Shareability
7 Source

Please note: Not all elements are required for all infographics – this is merely a collection of elements or ideas that you can include. And remember that there are no rules with infographics. You are only limited by your creativity and the elements mentioned above.

Some infographics are “traditional” or data driven, others are summaries of blog posts, or more “how-to” in nature. One of our most shared infographics was a simple representation of a real-life Linkedin Profile.

7 Superpowers of a Knockout Infographic

  1. 1. Grabs attention [Infographic] keyword @SociallySorted of a story ...Every infographic conveys a main idea or concept What’s The Big Idea? images data text connect the dots to share your story help, educate or inspire your target audience Showcase your provide support and structure to your story graphs maps WOW! Stats Infographic posts are shared more readily than traditional posts on Twitter, Linkedin and Stumbleupon. It’s not about the pie graph: 53%of the most-shared infographics do not actually contain data visualization most popular infographic topics Stats should be Current, Topical, Factual, Helpful and Reliable TIP: 1 2 3 technology business social media the economy health optimize your Infographic for Sharingshareability Embed your infographic in a Blog Post Share with influential bloggers in your industry Share on social media Include an embed code • Include Source Info & URL • Overlay your Company Logo/Twitter/Info • Add Pin It Button to your website + images WEBSITE KA-POW! INCLUDE A FACEBOOK- READY IMAGE IN YOUR BLOG POST FOR eASY SHARING Use Short, Attention- Grabbing Headlines that Tease After initial traffic spike, share infographics on SlideShare • Share Infographics to LinkedIn • INFOGRAPHICS ON LINKEDIN GET HIGH CLICK-THROUGH-RATE & DRIVE TRAFFIC 4 infographic posts attract 448% more “actions” than traditional posts. 5 TIP: Always drive traffic back to your website s A well-styled Infographic is... POP! Hierarchial - Use size, colour & images to make important information Digestable – bite size chunks of information Visually appealing Balanced and consistent STYLE! Mashable (via Top Marketing Schools): Bit Rebels: impact-infographic/ Source 1 4&5 2&3 Created with X-ray Vision by Soci Sorted s Use reputable sources Confirm your facts be consistent and limit your fonts restrict your colour palette simplicity Establish flow and connection from section to section stick to one style for images/ graphics/photos BOOm images blue ORANGE GREEN RED White space is powerful the size should fit the medium Host a preview image and a full infographic on your blog Use a Compressed JPEG image to reduce load-time SizE! Size Does Matter. Experiment with shorter lengths (1000-2500 pixels) TIP: pow bam Ideal Horizontal Width is now 735 pixels - Don't go wider than this to avoid resizing keepitunder5000pixelshigh. Toolongandyouloseattention Always check current dimensions - subject to change 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1000 500 1500 2500 3500 4500 2000 3000 4000 5000 100pixels 200 300 400 500 600 700 pixels