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  1. 1. genius Sasha Pasulka Senior Manager, Product Marketing Tableau Software
  2. 2. is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with . ._. . . _ W, ._. . B. _. . . . _.. . ‘ J ‘ in ,4 AI
  3. 3. the achievement of unprecedented insight
  4. 4. Hey, you can do that.
  5. 5. Y0u,
  6. 6. Let's see how.
  7. 7. Ask deeper questions. Ask any question. Achieve unprecedented insight.
  8. 8. Go beyond a social media platform's bui| t—in analytics solution. tons of data. Use a drag—and—drop
  9. 9. Av ‘_ to interact with this visualization live. to watch a video on how to do this with your own Facebook Page data. FB Post Performance “'“"“"‘““ Fulluzry : 2T Jw; Ta zcvs Past Total Reach Tlmaline Q 0 lahleal. lilaurrrv $llA‘, A Tqa1Nv: T‘t 4. L . l T. (IL um T—~T Twuus C- l Ru“: ,Mk| Lku, . <. l-TTT . T'TTr ’(. luil‘1L‘TIl‘/ Jll rnTm»T1rT. T mu Tam» ll‘ my Sim. -m "*”"V, .‘, ",“. ‘.‘§, " . ",, '"f, :,e, “' Lxunu l’ l’l l T. rm 1:": .“T’. T:’. ."T': "iL' T’ — l . ~. . . . T. lV —T T ur'1‘ T. l‘ T, T T T l’ l’ Lllsllllw voumulrgsaol M W ' . .,. .,, .., p, ,., ,,fl, ,.TT, ,., ..T l. Il¢t1n-n Posrtansumcn “ T Llfulmo Ponvrulnneh " J ‘ T . TTT. ... .T. T hv‘Hh~aVy luau Tm. .. ms: . IrxlbenullmldAvI: v|SAJLlLwu [T Flu Till‘: -Mllfixlillrhluklel . TewuTTTvuc . mI -ll U. .— N¥h ulvl. ' ‘ Tm<TT«Tm lW'IflWO5(¢ Tpnnmum am, h gem. T. -. . bezu-1/ul 4.. far . mu wo. [C may uTn. ..[ j Cam mm llzvzlum wrntxn . ;n(»rg the Hall Tm. .. my mm eTn. vm. nm~u'TeHmmmn Flvlalkew A we 75h‘! !IA| elI uelehrlin me we In T«c. Ta lion! u - cm Enruun mm on bun: imam I) T. ,.. TT. .TT. . mmTTT. .u. gTTT. lulu: T». V! Vsbleau n The Blue = TTT hwldlnn LUIIUDIY Mu! um wnvuloh tlmé2Islv. evv: .tv7 Acwmmzw my Tmv he 7! on H. " "verHuI| 'l‘ my me Iw"'MWw| <aFa-: etI~: t<’'A: re 9, nTmm= -mm wfim: -T final l. ,., .. Ewan. " ELI Tnemumuoncowm Iw wTmmusu1-no warn: Am. ..-. mm T: >TTT. T. 9l(I11§IPIlIIylhE<lflJ a. TT. ,.. TTT mew nTB. T.TT. .uTT. TaTTTvu. u.uT. .m. T; MWYAM . )nr)u| urrI! II1aI! N1h<uvwrlI<Ivn IlVIIJ1l1I(VKMllVo . nmum . TTT. T.TT. TT. ETT. ;«uwT E. TuTn-aunt-2.. Inwws - Umuawllwu Lrucxom ‘fllIltlo051!llK. [ T TT. T.. ..TT . ..T~, I(>v| Klllgt4,llH<l7lK| fl(Vll III . T.TT u. ml T. .TTT IVIEIVIIVI In . T.. .Tm- V111‘! -lmaAaLI. nll. 'J<‘l nHmTcum= cTrnneemT». T.. mTm. [lIwIVQ. »luw1vvu H. WOIIHIEKIVVICHI 4 semi-I10 am. .. ul Klvvlvl . l)«vnu. : -. m.T. T.. T a. ua. ... T.. ..T I Ion , T.T. ., T. TT. ._uT . -
  10. 10. 2 Blend social media with other data sources. Ask any question. Achieve unprecedented insight.
  11. 11. 2 One data source often can't tell the whole story. Blend social media data with: Google Analytics data Salesforce data Social ad spend data PPC data Event attendance data Anything in Excel! Get a more complete picture of what's happening with your brand.
  12. 12. to watch a video on how to blend Google Analytics data with data from an Excel spreadsheet. Gael valu- [S T; l'IlAl'!1l7El assigned by Google »'AIal, ’t(S based on a peg lllmod cc (Onwn ; TT, :n(TTmnTe gaal Website Goal Conversion Goa] Value vs. Gml Value In" canmn D192 ll/ ’l7/Zfill | L3'lIZD'| Z N «e A User-ueneraled ‘ 27m Country Region (AI Rugnlef . cumuw usugeneraxe: Tm" O TraTnTng zeo T: C‘Yfa')-nu _ . . . . . Search Ton rx ma’ 2m< * . J um“: 'v'mt3r: ‘Unique Isitnrs Over Time 5,5753 law Relelsl llcv 19 Ho Dail_'Goal Value Trend T s c n 75D 0 Hm I! rum; ' Goal Value Per Unique Visitor
  13. 13. 3 Build interactive dashboards that anyone can explore. Empower them to achieve unprecedented insight. Achieve unprecedented kudos.
  14. 14. 3 Build an interactive data dashboard with easy-to-use filters and drill-down capabilities. with your boss, your clients and your teammates so they can answer their own questions. (They'll thank you for it. )
  15. 15. I, b ”“ Felix Hemandez Perfect Game ‘ ~ B-15-2012 to Watch a Video on E-MT Em PllchSPleflvs. VerIIc: IMuvemerII what's possible with a ‘ data dashboard. D reviews best practices for visual analytics and dashboard design.
  16. 16. l| ow, go forth and do something Download a free trial of Tableau at w "1 -"-us ar [fya ".4-‘or-‘--'-T " F! ll' a-or F14 H»: L l ‘: .»: ;.l . _:. .*l l. l. /T: l = :.. . T-. .‘ l I