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Clean Tech & Green Tech Marketing

How clean tech & green tech marketing is different than normal B2B.

Clean tech and green tech are on a long-term growth trajectory. But you can't market them exactly like any other B2B technology product or service.

A few thoughts from Velocity's London-based green tech / clean tech practice.

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Clean Tech & Green Tech Marketing

  1. Marketing clean technology & green technology The B2B marketing challenge
  2. It’s on the agenda. Billions invested in green tech Al Gore joins Kleiner Perkins Clean tech blog action zooming up the Technorati charts
  3. The triple bottom line Financial Environmental Social A new corporate agenda = a new opportunity for clean tech & green tech
  4. It’s disruption time. Clean tech is perfectly positioned to attack entrenched tech. New metrics open new markets.
  5. A different kind of tech marketing. New audiences New messages New competitors New context
  6. • Governments • Public sector agencies • Utilities •  The media •  Consumers • Analysts • The financial community New audiences
  7. • The green/clean story • Alongside normal ROI • New metrics new proof points new validators New messages
  8. • Not just direct • Substitutes, too • Who may be subsidized New competitors
  9. • Under the microscope • The green radar screen New context
  10.   The issues
  11. Balance your green story with your commercial story Most buyers still have bottom-line motivators
  12. Be scrupulous Success depends on credibility & authenticity. Don’t puff the numbers and don’t smear the facts. Never fake it.
  13. Beware of ‘Parapet Risk’ • Being accused of greenwashing • Being held to a higher standard than non-green peers Body Shop were criticized more than Wal-Mart on green issues!
  14. Prove your commitment don’t just claim it. • Walk the green talk • Get a green audit • Cut travel & waste • Promote recycling • Look at your whole carbon footprint • Think 360˚
  15. Make your claims meaningful and dramatic. Give politicians the stories they need: “ Saves the equivalent of a new power station each year.” “ Enough to power Omaha and Oslo.”
  16. Lobby hard Work the influencers: politicians and the media. Use your embassies overseas.
  17. But lobby intelligently. Don’t alienate your buyers by overtly going over their heads to apply pressure.
  18. Use social media. A powerful new tool for engagement with your audiences. Use it to listen and to help shape the debate.
  19. Don’t be afraid of passion. It’s okay to show you really care about the benefits your technology delivers to society and the planet. A dull, clinical tone wastes a major asset.
  20. Pass the positioning test: Relevant: adds real value Available: it’s unique Attainable: it’s credible
  21. It’s a balancing act. Big claims vs credible support Vision vs practicality Greenness vs ROI Altruism vs Authenticity
  22. Don’t go it alone. Find a partner who has been there before...
  23. About us Velocity is a B2B marketing agency with a growing clean tech/green tech practice. We bring a fresh spin to digital marketing, including content marketing, social media, online pr, demand generation, lead nurturing and anything that can help tech companies break through, get heard, motivate markets, generate leads and win business.