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Velocity A/B and Multivariate Testing Resource Map

A one-page introduction to A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing for B2B marketers.

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Velocity A/B and Multivariate Testing Resource Map

  1. 1. AB Testing and Multivariate TestingA Resource Map for B2B MarketersQuick Definitions: Analysis Advice Experts VendorsA/B Testing is a simple method of split testing twodifferent versions of creative (landing pages, emails, Some B2B-friendlybanner ads, whatever) against each other. Software: Adobe OmnitureMultivariate Testing is a more complex (usually automated) (Good blog, expensive)way of finding the optimum combination of many variables. is an independent review Autonomy Optimost site for MVT tools, run by Anne Holland’s Which (Expensive) Econsultancy’sWhy you need testing: the people at Conversion Test Won is a terrific site Google Website Multivariate TestingYou should use testing to find out what really works Rate Experts. with examples of real- Optimizer (Free) Buyer’s Guide is aninstead of relying on hunches. Simple. excellent resource. Worth world tests – and it’s fun Maxymiser joining Econsultancy for to guess the winner. SiteSpectThree Good Questions: this alone. Unbounce (Cool)– oes your site have enough traffic to yield D The A/B and Multivariate Vertster significant results? Testing Group on LinkedIn Visual Website Optimizer– Do you know enough about the page to determine has 600 members. Join Webtrends the most critical areas that need to be tested? pick some brains. There’s a Forrester Wave Conversion Rate Experts– re you able to set up a controlled test? A “Common Mistake: on Online Testing, but we We love these guys andFrom the Econsultancy Signing up to extremely- haven’t read it because it their excellent blog.MVT Buyer’s Guide expensive testing costs too much. software before you #ABTesting and #MVTWhere do I start? are both pretty active understand how toPick a landing page that gets lots of traffic. hashtags on Twitter. design high-converting So is #CRO. The folks at web pages”Do a second version that changes a major Meclabs (the people Conversion Works Conversion Rate Expertsvariable (like removing the web form or changing behind Markeitng An excellent book and know their stuff, too.the headline or offer). By the way… Sherpa and Marketing blog: Always Be TestingStart a simple split test with Google Website Optimizer. Experiments) does and Bryan Jeffrey interesting research on Eisenberg’s blog.Stand back. conversion, including When it comes to testing and optimisation. online advertising, there’s nothing the MediaPlex team doesn’t Testing is one of the Six know. Here’s a good blog Staples of B2B Marketing post on A/B testing. discussed in our B2B Thanks to: Abhi Jadhav, Yogita W, Igor Mateski Marketing Manifesto.