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Basics of new twitter


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Basics of new twitter

  1. 1. The Very Basics of
  2. 2. Write your message in 140 characters and press Tweet
  3. 3. Add a picture (avatar) and a bio that describes you and your interests
  4. 4. If you’re on LinkedIn or Blog, add that too so peole know who you are
  5. 5. To find people type in the search bar and click on the green plus to follow Note that you can search people or tweets
  6. 6. Or start by following those your friends are following
  7. 7. To look at someone’s profile click on their name
  8. 8. Twitter replies start with @Name and are to that person My tweet Sean’s reply People following me and Sean will see this conversation
  9. 9. So, to reply use the @ before the name of person or click on reply
  10. 10. A retweet is to tweet something someone has already written
  11. 11. A Direct Message (DM) is a private message that no-one else sees. You can only DM people who are following you back.
  12. 12. You can see any mentions of you under @mentions and also see any Retweets (RT) If you really like a tweet you can favourite it to keep it to go back to
  13. 13. A # is a way you can label tweets that makes them easier to search for
  14. 14. Some of the shorthand: Apps: Applications Avatar: Your twitter picture DM: Direct Message IMHO: In my humble opinion Ktxbai: OK Thanks Bye LOL: Laugh out Loud LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off RT: Re-tweet Srlsly: Seriously!
  15. 15. At first.... feel like the new kid at school. Everyone else knows each other. Keep at it, find some people you are interested in. Chances are they have something to learn from you too. Twitter birds from