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HearMe Final Face-to-face Presentation


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This is the Final Face-to-face Presentation of HearMe project. This project won the Golden Award of UXD Award in User Friendly 2013 in Shanghai, China. The number of teams is 280, and the duration is 6 months. This multidisciplinary team was consisted of NTUST and NCCU under the supervision of drhhtang as UX expert and Jones as IT expert. The following are some Chinese news:

- 第五届中国用户体验设计大赛颁奖礼现场获知名心理学专家Donald Norman亲临颁奖,台科大政大DITT金獎。
- 政大的新聞
- 網路的評價

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HearMe Final Face-to-face Presentation

  1. 1. HearMe DITT 林奕岑 卓思阳 郑群萌 蔡宜璇 指导 唐⽞玄辉_国⽴立台湾科技⼤大学 余能豪_国⽴立政治⼤大学