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Digital Detox: Off Is A New Emotion

Closing keynote slides for Digital Dimensions 2014 conference produced by ESOMAR in Stockholm where I was invited to share ideas regarding digital detox - a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smart phones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.

ESOMAR Digital Dimensions 2014:
Go for Digital Detox community:

Digital Detox: Off Is A New Emotion

  1. Hello guys! I’m thrilled about this opportunity to share some digital insights and ideas with you. I hope at least some of them would be really interesting and provoking creative thinking and professional inspiratio Here we go!You know I want to start with a short story. These days there are many people who think that you can find everything on App Store. DIGITALoff is a new emotionDETOX
  2. Moreover many parents are ok with this point of view and therefore their kids are always on their iPads, Galaxies whatsoever. 2 months ago creative team from Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden decided to remind us that Not Everything is Available on AppStore.
  3. They produced these key visuals no provoke telling the story of swings, playground and so on which are not available on Appstore.
  4. Pretty smart huh?
  5. So let’s continue thinking about the internet, but let’s think about it without touching upon the bright side of it. The Internet
  6. We all know how helpful and useful it amy be. Right?! Bright Side
  7. Now let’s think about the opposite side of the internet - the spooky one - the dark side! Dark Side
  8. You know I’ve really enjoyed that idea that marketing is an art of memory. And I’m a huge believer that in the age of content we need to learn how to think like a researcher and marketer, behave like an entertainer and move like a sharp startup. This presentation is inspired by many face to face interviews with different people. We were talking about our relations with the internet and gadgets. We’ve talked with ordinary people, media experts, developers, designers, artists, musicians and even monks! Inspired by real stories
  9. This might seem as a silly question. But please tell me is this person familiar to you? Sure it’s Justin. And moreover some of you probably have mentioned it’s a capture from Social Network film. Justin was representing one of the most influential Silicon Valley technologists - Sean Parker. Who founded peer-to-peer sharing service Napster. And also Sean was the original Facebook president. And while celebrating the first million of Facebook users, he said in terms of believing in the future: first we lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going to live on the Internet! Hello DIGITAL DIMENSIONS
  10. So let’s continue thinking about the internet, but let’s think about it without touching upon the bright side of it. We all know how helpful and useful it amy be. Right?! First we lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we gonna to live on the Internet “
  11. And boom!!! This is the point where Karl breaks into our thinking! Why? Because talking about farms, Marx had an agricultural society term, regarding cities he had an industrial society and finally talking about living on the Internet... Emm... Well of course Karl missed this one. Probably because he died more than a hundred years ago, right. But in a sense he predicted the Internet. Why? Because he did imagine the world where people are free to do whatever we want to... and the Internet in a sense allows us that, with all it’s options available out there for sharing, creating, stealing, whatsoever... Karl Marx goes online
  12. Karl Marx of course was a great analyst of the shift from the agricultural to the industrial society. And these days we are experiencing a very similar shift, I would say, the grand historical shift. From the industrial, from the analogue, to the internet, to the digital. The previous grand historical shift was happening during centuries. And the current one is happening with a superspeed. Just think about it, after several decades we live in a totally different world at least in some parts of it. And the point here is that we are lacking of philosophical and psychological understanding of it. The Grand Shift
  13. Some fast provoking facts here.
 We look at our phones 150 times a day. We look at our phone 150 timesaday
  14. 10% of people under 25 think that texting during sex may be alright 10% of people under 25 maytext during sex
  15. We never look up. And it’s not only the title of a blog on Tumblr that I recommend to check out. Wenever look up...
  16. A well-known Canadian... or American (you know folks always argue about that) media philosopher and intellectual, Marshall McLuhan many yearsbefore introduced his loop principle of influence. MarshallMcLuhan
  17. He said we shape our tools and later our tools shape us. We’ve created the Internet and it has already started to shape us. It’s evident that the results are not exclusively positive. we shape our tools and later our tools shape us Theloopprinciple
  18. After a period of online-enthusiasm people start to think about relations with the web much more carefully. Especially in some societies. Privacy and transparency, security and so on. We all at least from time to time overestimate the sides of the permanent being online. Onlineenthusiasm is slowing down
  19. Let’s put it this way. Who loves chocolate, candies, whatsoever? I love it! So damn much! Sure ‘coz it drives our endorphins making us a bit happier. Right. But in case I would start eating candies every single day and night, it immediately stops being tasty and even harms my health. Actually a relevant process is happening with all our Internet activities, that’s why many people start to slow down and go for digital detox. Online candies 24/7/365
  20. In order to turn this presentation into your personal experience, I kindly ask you to take this crafty envelope and put your device inside.Seriously I didn’t promise to bring a couple of newshiny iPhones for friends. Therefore don’t worry about this trick - there is no David Copperfield in this room. Or is he?! And please feel free to take away these envelopes later. ! You know every time during this experiment, after sticking down the envelope, some folks normally say: “Gosh, it looks awesome possum! And I feel I want to instagram it, tweet about it or facebook it”. So before sticking down your envelope please feel free to take a photo and tell your friends on Twitter or Facebook whatsoever that you’re going for a short digital detox. Lets do it, we have some time. ! Go for digital detox!
  21. When we talk about digital detox practice, it’s not about becoming a techno luddite or a down-shifter, throwing out our smartphones, crashing WiFi routers. In a sense digital detox is just a way to slow down and think about our online behaviour and relations with technology. We are not techno luddites
  22. Some times you may hear about mediasceticism. In both cases we talk about a way of life that can be characterised with understanding of digital communication process and its wise and conscious usage. You know while interviewing young people we also asked them: “Would you like to be ascetic?” Of course “No” most of them say. Why? Because everybody wants to enjoy things, buy beautiful goods and simply live a happy cheerful life. Mediasceticism
  23. But when we asked those young people: “Would you like to be like Steve Jobs?”
 you know many of them were much more enthusiastic about this life option. Of course Steve had a difficult personality to understand. But it’s evident that at least partly he was ascetic. And now we basically enter the meditation renaissance if you wish. Just think about meditation centre at Google. Remember Global Wisdom 2.0 global conference that gathered whole Silicon Valley and so on. Focus means ignoring. I’m in love with this quote from Steve: “People think focus means saying YES to the thing you have to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying NO to the hundred other good ideas. Innovation is about saying no to 1000 good things around”. Being ascetic from time to time simply trains the body and mind. Going back to my daily routine, I believe we advertising guys must be ascetic from time to time too. It really helps to create more inspiring single-minded creative works and lead the creative process in the right business driven direction. The Grand Shift Steve Jobs focus means ignoring
  24. Think about it this way: it’s like a sportsmen training. “Success in sports presumes tough discipline and self restraint” - said Michael. The Grand Shift Michael Jordan success presumes tough discipline
  25. The goal of digital detox is to train ourself and learn how to reasonably exist in the world of modern technologies and media. To learn how to use all these beautiful inventions around more wisely and efficiently. is to learn how to reasonably exist in the world of modern media and technologies THE GOAL
  26. This way presumes self-restraint, but it opens new creative possibilities. Being involved into creative process on the regular day-to-day basis I can state it’s really crucial. Why? ‘Coz strategic thinking and creativity come from a free space inside us. I personally 100% sure about this in order to generate something creative, that place inside shouldn’t be constantly fulfilled with our newsfeed posts, likes, tweets, instagram food-show. It’s hard to create a great work when we constantly react and am distracted. digital detox way presumes self-restraint, but it opens new creative possibilities ENHANCECREATIVITY
  27. Paul Miller is a technology journalist and editor at The Verge. 2 years ago he decided go for an experiment, has anybody heard about it? Alright so for those who hasn’t , Paul simply decided not to use the entire Internet for a year. He wanted to understand his relations with the web, solve problems of being too loaded and stressed because of huge clutter around him. Paul was continuing working, writing and editing articles, using flash cards for data transferring. First during his free time he was reading ancient greek philosophers but later he started to play some offline car racing games and so on. leaving the internet Paul Miller
  28. Paul Miller VIDEO
  29. Paul understood a lot. First he overestimated importance of his relations with his social circles. This radical experiment brought a loss of many social connections. Paul understood that the Internet wasn’t the actual reason of his problems of being tired and exhausted. Problems were coming from the way he was interacting online. Offis a new emotion
  30. Really fast internet has dissolved in our daily life. Glad to see some friends from India here. ‘Coz this reminds me the way indian spices became an ordinary and a must-have part for the every dish after being a real precious and equal to gold before. Just like indian spices once totally changed the entire taste of every dish on this planet, the Internet has changed our life and its taste will never be the same. Of course there are many reasons why this is happening. Internet has disappeared in our daily life
  31. Mobile internet, social networks, niche social networks, location-based services, online financial tools, augmented reality, internet of things, online expressions and so on are dissolving boundaries of our real and virtual identity.You know touching upon online expressions, a short time ago I went out with my friends, and aroundmidnight one of them told me: “Alex I’m going home, sorry, hashtag - I’m getting old!”. And later I Fallon show realised this short video. #
  33. The practice of unplugging or digital detox is based on the two major pillars. Insights and actions. Well known philosopher said that insight may stop the action. It’s time to negotiate about additional media education for kids I think. For instance in my neighbourly country of Estonia, kids already have media lessons and even learn how to code early at school. I think this something to twist in mind! I believe basic media education and being able to understand the code behind the web soon can be considered a one more foreign language to learn and use worldwide. INSIGHTS & ACTIONS
  34. We also need to move from insights, concepts and words to actions. Digital Etiquette is needed
  35. Take Google’s chairman, Eric Schmidt, who has warned that we need to define times when we
 are ‘on’ and ‘off’ and announced his commitment to make his meals gadget-free.
  36. So in order to understand our Internet behaviourwe must update our vocabulary. Vocabulary shapes our thinking. OUR VOCABULARY shapes our thinking
  37. That’s why at the moment together with think tank I’ve finished working on a book called ‘digital-vocabulary - define how gadgets and the Internet shape us’. An ad-hoc website will be launched later this summer. And I would be amazing if you would like me to share our content with you to receive that valuable feedback from such a smart audience later.We aim to describe new behaviours with special words and expressions that can help people be more insightful about their digital life. For example we all are familiar with the “selfie” phenomenon. Right. But there are many more out there. For instance “facebook shower”, “infomaniacs”, “tablet zobies”, “microboredom”, “toilet game sessions” and so on!
  38. Let's face it, these days, we can't go anywhere without having at least one smartphone. We are enjoying a night out and these days our cheerful night is always featured by some sad faces, upset that they can't get WiFi access or on the other hand people are trying to capture everything with their smartphone. But frankly does anybody check or sort all the photos we take later? SCREENAGEDRAMA I forgot my phone!
  39. I Forgot My Phone VIDEO
  40. Across the globe some insightful bar managersstarted to tell their visitors this idea.
  41. Moreover a day before after our welcome reception together with Jeff and Adam I went to a tapas bar right around the corner and guess what?
  42. Eventually thanks to all the interviews, ethnographic human observations, a really interesting insight came. In January back at BBDO office in London a creative solution for Guinness based on understanding of this digital detox trend was developed. People in pubs from time time were playing a simple game, putting their mobile in a pyramid. And their friend that couldn’t stand no more and finally grabbed his phone to check something before the meeting finished, was closing the bill alone.In order to build branded relations that matter this idea about enjoying people around and a pint of the black stuff was introduced.
  43. Frankly speaking I enjoy social media a lot. But just as much as I love social web, it exhausts me. I feel like I’m constantly leaving when I have only just arrived…Well I kindly recommend to try and go for a short digital detox next weekend for instance, and youmay call that digital sabbath you know. Thank you! LET’SGOFOR digital detox practice

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Closing keynote slides for Digital Dimensions 2014 conference produced by ESOMAR in Stockholm where I was invited to share ideas regarding digital detox - a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smart phones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world. ESOMAR Digital Dimensions 2014: Go for Digital Detox community:


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