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Vim Eye For the Rails Guy                             Working with Multiple Files
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Vim Eye for the Rails Guy - Cheatsheet


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MacVim, plugins, Rails cheatsheet for developers

Published in: Technology
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Vim Eye for the Rails Guy - Cheatsheet

  1. 1. Vim Eye For the Rails Guy Working with Multiple Files :e path/to/filename – edit file Karmen Blake :NERDTree – opens left hand file explorer ctags control+] - navigate to definition Movement control+t - navigate back on stack command + <arrows> g+] - list all occurrences of word h l k j – left, right, up, down :tags – shows tag stack b w – word left, word right :tag <method or class definition> - open or list :tag /<definition> - search substring Insert/Append Text :Rfind substring of filename – search for, give you options i – start insert mode to open file/directory in Rails project a – append after cursor :Renvironment – opens environment.rb by default o – open blank line below current line :Rinitializer – opens routes.rb by default Esc – exit insert mode :A – alternate file most often the spec file :R – related file, read rails.vim docs Editing gf – mac daddy go anywhere command u – undo last command if clicked anywhere in relevant string it will do its control + p – autocomplete word best to go to related file. Examples with tons more column edit in rails.vim docs, control + v (visual block) Po*st.find ---> models/post.rb use arrows to select column to replace has_many :c*omments ---> models/comment.rb c + new text + Esc gt – switch between open tabs indent <leader>b – view all buffers and select one (open files) :> - indents current line :bd – close a buffer (file) :>> - indents current line twice :> # - indent # of lines Opening windows :>> # - indents twice # of lines :sp path/to/filename – open file in horizontal split window surround :vsp path/to/filename – open file in vertical split window cs<old><new> (cs“*) :AS – open alternate file in horizontal split ds<delimiter> – remove delimiters :AV – open alternate file in vertical split csw<delimiter> - surrounds word :RS – open related file in horizontal split yss<delimiter> - surround line :RV – open related file in vertical split Running Specs Marking Text :.Rake – runs one spec v – start visual mode :Rake – runs whole spec suite V – start Linewise visual mode Exit Visual Commands command + s (save) aw – select word :w – save but don't exit ap – select paragraph :wq – save and exit :q! - quit and ignores edits Copy/Cut and Paste yy – yank (copy) line Vim Plugins dd – delete (cut) line • Rails: p – put (paste) clipboard after cursor • Fuzzy Finder: Search/Replace script_id=1984 • /pattern – search for pattern NERDTree: n – repeat search forward • surround: :set hlsearch – highlight all results of search :nohlsearch to turn off highlights :%s/old/new/g – replace all old with new in file :begline#,endline#/old/new/g – replace old with new between beg/end line #s