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ScrumDay Vietnam 2012 - Agile adoption - Nhan


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Agile adoption
Presented by Vu Tri Nhan
At ScrumDay Vietnam 2012
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ScrumDay Vietnam 2012 - Agile adoption - Nhan

  1. 1. Agile?
  2. 2. Scrum Day Vietnam 09.12.2012 Agile AdoptionWhy? What? How?
  3. 3. I wont explain today agile please join HanoiScrum or Agile Vietnam events
  4. 4. Ask yourselfWhat is it like to be agile? please form a group and discuss
  5. 5. 5 min.Pick 1 most important thing which makes you to be agile.(What will be different, what can you see, feel during agile adoption within your organization?)
  6. 6. WHY do you want to be agile? discuss in your groups
  7. 7. 3 min.Discuss and pick 1 most important REASON
  8. 8. What do you want toachieve within 1 day? 1 week? discuss within your group
  9. 9. 5 min.Discuss and pick 1 most important GOALwhich you can achieve within the shortest time frame
  10. 10. you The organization
  11. 11. Who can HELP you in theorganization to become agile? Are you alone? What can you do to findpeople? What would be the first step to do?
  12. 12. she others youhe The organization
  13. 13. Involve the people dont create an elite agile teamgive them time and answer ALL their questions
  14. 14. Talk to the peopleunderstand what they think about agileunderstand what they dont understand talk to them in person/small groups
  15. 15. Questions you may askWhat do you think about the company? What do you think about the work? Which problems do you see?What do you think must be changed?
  16. 16. If you dont involve themit will be much more difficult to adopt to agile
  17. 17. How I feel the agile adoption HeatMay 2011 Oct 2011 April 2012 Today
  18. 18. My lessons learned● dont apply throughout the entire company at once● focus on a small team and go DEEP (instead of BROAD)● send key persons/volunteers to training courses● It is hard to find the right people● change is driven by goals and the vision
  19. 19. Dont expect miracles
  20. 20. agile adoption is asloooow process!
  21. 21. Am I a good Agile Change Agent?Always ask yourself what you will improve.
  22. 22. Dont blame AgileBlame yourself if you are not successful.
  23. 23. The law of gravity
  24. 24. ?