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Introduction to Team Foundation Server (TFS) Online


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TFS est la plateforme de collaboration qui se trouve au coeur de la solution de gestion du cycle de vie des applications (ALM) de Microsoft. Pour de petites équipes de développement (5 users), TFS est disponible online et gratuitement.
Lors de cette session, principalement à base d'exemples pratiques, nous aborderons les modules Source Controle, Collaborate (gestion des tâches et des bugs) et Automatic Builds (compilations et déploiements automatisés).

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Introduction to Team Foundation Server (TFS) Online

  1. 1. Denis Voituron Civil engineer (Mons) Company founder Developer: VB3, VB.Net, C# .Net Software Architect (Trasys) Blogger
  2. 2. • Introduction • Source Control • Collaborate: Task, bugs, … • Automatic Builds
  3. 3. Collaborate Planning Testing Builds Source Control
  4. 4. Continuous value delivery and rapid response to change
  5. 5. C#, Java, Html, C++, … On-line Off-line Tfs Git Code merging
  6. 6. Web portal Agile, Scrum, … Bug tracking Planning, Work items
  7. 7. Work Item Description Manager Developer Tester Requirement 1 Spécification X Product Backlog item 2 Task Tâche X Issue 1 Impediment 2 Sous-tâche Obstacle X X Bug Problème X X X A Task can not have sub-tasks
  8. 8. • Check in, at least every day • Associate Check in to Work Items • Update Remaining Work and Completed Work • Update Work Item State New Started Finished ToDo In Progress Done New Accepted Completed Reviewed Proposed Active Resolved Closed
  9. 9. Build Services Unit tests Feedback requests Continue integration
  10. 10. Web Browser: IE, Firefox, Chrome (free). Windows Explorer Visual Studio. Team Explorer (free). Team Explorer Everywhere for Eclipse and Cmd (free). Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Project.
  11. 11. 3) Cloud-only plans 1) Completely free for small teams FREE: 5 users FREE: 60 minutes Cloud Build per month FREE: unlimited number of Stakeholders 2) Included for MSDN subscribers FREE: 5 users $20/month $45/month Max 10 persons VS Pro IDE $60/month Increased value to existing and new MSDN subscribers User plans purchased via Azure.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Annexes Intro Source control Tasks Bugs … Builds
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Annexes Intro Source control Tasks Bugs … Builds
  16. 16. • Offline development • History • Compare and Merging tools • Branching • Shelvsets
  17. 17. Annexes Intro Source control Tasks Bugs … Builds
  18. 18. To Do In Progress Done Removed
  19. 19. Annexes Intro Source control Tasks Bugs … Builds
  20. 20. From Visual Studio
  21. 21.