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Bangkok | Mar-17 | BuildingSmart Villages through Human Centred Design and Innovation


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Presenter: Dr David Ireland
Global Innovation Lead -ThinkPlace

Published in: Science
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Bangkok | Mar-17 | BuildingSmart Villages through Human Centred Design and Innovation

  1. 1. Presentation by Dr David Ireland Global Innovation Lead - ThinkPlace Building Smart Villages through Human Centred Design and Innovation
  2. 2. Research commercialisation - Helped academics turn ideas into impact Research - Dual PhDs in innovation and medicinal chemistry - Poct doctoral research Foresighting - Futures and horizon scanning - Public and private sectors - Chair Australian govt horizon scanning committee Policy design and implementation - Head of Innovation and International @ CSIRO - Domestic and global advisory roles Human Centred Design - Consulting in strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship - Developed and developing world contexts Entrepreneurship - Co-founder and / or investor; fintech, digital, oil & gas, agriculture & aquaculture my journey
  3. 3. Our design Projects Our design Process Our design Philosophy
  4. 4. Our design Philosophy
  5. 5. 5 Our design Philosophy
  6. 6. If you want to understand how a lion hunts, don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle. Jim Stengel Chief Marketing Officer of P&G Our design Philosophy
  7. 7. Design is learning Design is visualisation and making Design is empowerment Design is inquiry and constant questioning Design is dancing with uncertainty Design is recasting knowns and reassembling unknowns Our design Philosophy As designers, we fundamentally believe
  8. 8. Our design Philosophy Design thinking looks at complex things from the perspective of the people who will use or be affected by them.
  9. 9. Our design Process
  10. 10. Design approach that fails fast and early in front of a few people at a low cost, that learns, listens, and progressively improves and succeeds? Traditional approach that is methodical, rigorous, cautious, avoids risk, invest significantly early on, works behind closed doors then potentially fails in front of millions of people? DO YOU WANT THE… Our design Process
  11. 11. Our design process draws on theory and tools from areas including: Understanding and designing dynamics at the system level Empowering all individuals in the system to co- design solutions Ideating and innovating to push boundaries of what might be possible Understanding and influencing motivations and behaviours that drive change Chaos and Complexity Theory Systems thinking Design thinking Human-centred co-design Innovation Prototyping and ‘lean’ methodology Sociology Behavioural science Our design Process
  12. 12. Time Spatial Understanding the system Our design Process
  13. 13. Time Spatial Empathy Understanding the system Our design Process
  14. 14. THINKPLACE DESIGN SYSTEM Our design Process
  15. 15. THINKPLACE DESIGN SYSTEM Understanding user needs and empathy with users Our design Process
  16. 16. CO-DESIGN is an approach to designing that actively engages multiple and diverse perspectives in the design process, making the solution, to ensure that the end result meets their needs. Our design Process
  17. 17. 18 |Our design Process
  18. 18. If Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted, they would have said “faster horses” Our design Process
  19. 19. THINKPLACE DESIGN SYSTEM How do we generate ideas? Our design Process
  21. 21. THINKPLACE DESIGN SYSTEM How do we build ideas and test them? Our design Process
  22. 22. 23 |Our design Process
  23. 23. “The essential part of creating is not being AFRAID to fail.” Edwin Land Our design Process
  24. 24. PAPER PROTOTYPES Our design Process
  25. 25. STORYBOARDS HDB Interactive Smart Spaces Our design Process
  26. 26. LOW-RESOLUTION MOCK-UPS Embrace Baby Warmer Our design Process
  27. 27. 28 |Our design Process
  28. 28. Source: WHY WE PROTOTYPE Our design Process
  29. 29. THINKPLACE DESIGN SYSTEM Our design Process
  30. 30. Our design Projects
  31. 31. Mchanga & Gates Foundation How might we amplify fundraising behaviours in low income Kenya, in order to create more financially resilient communities, and increase the capacity of informal financial support networks? Our design Projects
  32. 32. Using Technology to Amplify a Kenyan Tradition Harambee literally means ‘all pull together’ in Swahili. Rallying Cry for a Newly Independent Country Symbol of National Pride Common Practice of Assisting Others (Crowdfunding) Our design Projects
  33. 33. How to amplify value within existing behaviour? Communities are already forming financial support groups & are more resilient because of them. We wanted to amplify this behaviour, which is more advanced than in Western culture. Resilience comes from being ‘indebted’ to others in your community. Resilience is perceived to come from being financially independent. Cultural Norms in Kenya Cultural Norms in Western Countries Our design Projects
  34. 34. Learn by playing games with your users Here we designed a bespoke game to facilitate our research. This game helped us appreciate how rural Kenyan women make decisions about spending and contributing to a fundraiser. Our insight was that reciprocity was the main driver behind decisions, not altruism. These donations were only given in high-trust relationships.
  35. 35. Users are the best designers. Giving women in rural Kisii prototyping materials to build their ideal SMS fundraising product. Here, two mothers are designing a product which allows them to contribute non-monetary items (such as goats or food) to support a fundraiser when they have no financial support to offer.
  36. 36. Sometimes ‘smart’ looks ‘dumb’ In this work, we discovered how technology does not necessarily need to supplant existing norms and mechanisms, but it can actually amplify existing behaviours which are already effective and culturally meaningful for people.
  37. 37. CHN on the GoThe design journey
  38. 38. project intent A more motivated frontline health workforce, resulting in better quality of maternal and child health care, through mobile technology. Our design Projects
  39. 39. Provoke empathy in us. Build trust with them. Co-create together. design research 100 participants 60 community health nurses 18 pregnant/nursing women 12 frontline supervisors 10 GHS stakeholders Our design Projects
  40. 40. storytelling Our design Projects
  41. 41. experience mapping Our design Projects
  42. 42. “The supervisors say we are not working, that we are lazy and incompetent, but we are trying our best – a congratulations sometimes or a you have done well would go a long way.” “Our supervisors call us names, even to our faces, and this really hurts us.” “My pay is three months late, it is already low enough, why can’t they at least pay it on time?” “If you are not wearing a green uniform and in a ward, then you are nothing.” Our design Projects
  43. 43. “Before you get to my community, there is a big bush, then there is sexual harassment, and then there is snake bite” “It sometimes feels like I am being tormented at work. I don’t want to do this anymore.” Our design Projects
  44. 44. personas Our design Projects
  45. 45. Respect me Reward me Teach me Inspire me Inform me Connect me Equip me Believe in me the opportunity Our design Projects
  46. 46. the concepts Our design Projects
  47. 47. The supervisors now see that this is what you have planned for the day and you have carried it out. So they really see that in fact we are doing our work. But at first, they thought we weren’t doing anything.” “You feel good…you feel that whatever you are telling the [client] is not a lie. What you are saying is the truth, so you yourself will not have any doubt.” the result “has changed my life in a way, things that I don’t know before, my eyes are opened to [them] through this phone” “it has given [me] the opportunity to get in contact with colleagues” Our design Projects
  48. 48. Thank you. David Ireland e: p: +61 411 698 559