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eFax Corporate MFD Connector Infographic


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Did You Know You Can Fax Online from Your Multifunction Devices?

Integrating Your MFD With a Cloud Fax Solution:

How it Works

1. Your employee logs in to the office’s secure MFD.

2. They then scan the document(s) they want to fax.

3. Using the MFD’s interface, they next attach those scanned files to an email from the cloud fax service. (Note: The cloud-fax service should include this MFD-integration functionality.)

4. Your employee will then send the fax as an email through the MFD, using the cloud-fax service’ standard email interface, which will appear to the recipient as coming from a real fax number.

5. After successful transmission, your employee will receive an email from the cloud-fax service with notification of successful delivery of the fax.

Benefits of Cloud Faxing from Your MFD
In addition to saving money on dedicated fax hardware, there are several other unique benefits to integrating your multifunction device with your cloud fax service.

1. Send faxes from any app
One timesaving and productivity-boosting benefit of integrating your cloud fax solution with your office MFDs is the flexibility in being able to send the documents for your online fax right to your MFD from whatever device and whatever application you’re using.

2. Receive both digital and paper faxes
Another benefit of cloud faxing with your MFD is the flexibility in how you receive inbound faxes — as either paper or electronic documents. If you are expecting a file you’ll need to print, for example, you can set the MFD to automatically print the fax. If security is a concern, however, or if the document’s contents fall under data-privacy regulations, you can also opt to receive the fax electronically — where only you can access it.

3. Receive a fax delivery report
You can also save time and worry with an automatic delivery-confirmation email from your cloud-fax service, whenever your MFD-based fax is successfully delivered to your recipient’s fax machine. These delivery reports can also be used as evidence of transmission if a dispute arises with the recipient.

4. Maintain a complete audit trail
If you are in a highly regulated industry, or if your business practices demand your staff maintain audit trails of their communications with clients or other parties, using a cloud fax solution integrated with your MFDs is yet another way to ensure you are always maintaining a complete audit trail of all your faxes — because your faxes are stored securely online, giving you always-accessible proof of delivery.

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eFax Corporate MFD Connector Infographic

  1. 1. CLOUD FAXING… RIGHT FROM YOUR MULTIFUNCTION DEVICE 85% of US businesses still rely on fax technology.* $2.8 BILLION Estimate of the online-fax market in 2018 — up 100% from $1.4B in 2013.* 72% of US businesses still use paper-based faxes.* FAX TECHNOLOGY HAS EVOLVED. BUT FAXING IS HERE TO STAY. THERE WERE OVER 26,000,000 SINGLE FUNCTION & MULTIFUNCTION PRINT DEVICE UNITS SOLD IN NORTH AMERICA IN 2012.* WITH EFAX CORPORATE'S MFD CONNECTOR IT'S AS EASY AS SENDING AN EMAIL. 4 REASONS TO INTEGRATE CLOUD FAXING WITH YOUR MFD 2018 2013 1843 Clockmaker Alexander Bain receives the first patent for his electric printing telegraph, the first faxing device. 1980’S The desktop fax machine becomes one of the most common tools for businesses to transmit important documents. TODAY Businesses have largely replaced standalone fax machines in favor of cloud based services, often taking advantage of multifunction devices. Works along side eFax Mobile App 1 Receive fax delivery report 3 Receive digital & paper faxes. 2 Keep complete audit trail 4 Send the email (which will appear as a standard fax) Attach files to an email from your cloud fax service Check for email receipt from your cloud fax service Scan the document(s) you want to fax Log in to your MFD Sources: Opinion Matters Survey, 2012 Davidson Consulting, 2013 International Data Corporation