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Starfall MiniTeach by RIcky Adelhelm

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  1. 1. Starfall – An interactive beginning readers A Mini-Teach By Ricky Adelhelm First Google image when I Googled myself.
  2. 2. IceBreaker: Starfall on Smartboard The added value of Starfall:•Student are excited about usingStarfall.•Students are engagedinteractively using Starfall.
  3. 3. Home Page1: ABCs - Introduces students to lettersounds. Includes a reading activity foreach letter, animated vowel songs, signlanguage song, and ABC song.2: Learn To Read – Has beginningreaders skill videos, games, and readingactivities.3: It’s Fun To Read – Has easy readingactivities and “it is all about me.”4: I’m reading - Has more independentreading activities and games. Does nothave option to have page read to you.
  4. 4. Home Page (part 2)There are alsosome activities.
  5. 5. Interacting In StarfallReading Activities: Games:•Click on the •Click and drag to target.illustration to see •Answer will snap in placewhat happens. if it comes close.•Click on the word •You are not allowed toto have it read to •Click while dragging•Click on the ear to results in the item goinghave the page read back to starting you.
  6. 6. Activity Time YAY!Choose a Reading Choose a game:Activity: It’s Fun To Read!•It’s Fun To Read! •All About Me! – It’s about you…Easy readingactivities. I’m Reading •Three Little Plays•I’m Reading - More Word Shapes (left side)independent reading •Fiction/Non-Fictionactivities. Puzzles (bottom left)
  7. 7. Now…..How would a secondaryeducation teacher use this site?
  8. 8. •Icebreaker•Community Builder•Scaffold Reading•Students With LimitedEnglish Proficiency(carefull not to stigmatize)
  9. 9. SurveyPlease complete the surveyabout Starfall.
  10. 10. Resources: from starfall to educators. from starfall to parents. purchase resources. kindergarten purchase resources at a glance. activity on smart board. on Starfall while showing the website features. of Starfall reading activities.
  11. 11. Content AreaExamples: Use ofStarfall Technology First grade phonic skills lesson plan. First grade phonic skills lesson plan. Reading activity on smart board. Starfall purchase resources.

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Starfall MiniTeach by RIcky Adelhelm


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