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TSQL in SQL Server 2012

In this presentation we include the main TSQL changes in SQL Server 2012.


Eduardo Castro Martinez

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TSQL in SQL Server 2012

  1. 1. Ing. Eduardo Castro,
  2. 2. References Whats new in SQL11 by Roger Noble DAT303 SQL Server “Denali” High Availability: The next generation high availability solution services-roadmap-for-sql-server-denali-and-beyond.aspx DAT303 SQL Server “Denali” High Availability
  3. 3. References• What’s new BOL -• HADR - &• Atlanta -• T-SQL - Tobias Ternström• Sequence Generators - &• Contained Databases - denali-contained-databases.aspx• Data Quality Services - Denise Draper• Column Store - 3EE521C25CE9/Columnstore Indexes for Fast DW QP SQL Server 11.pdf• UDM & BISM - roadmap-for-sql-server-denali-and-beyond.aspx & good-the-bad-and-the-ugly.aspx• SSIS - Matt Masson• SSIS Resolve References - denali-resolve-references.aspx• BISM vs SSAS -• Crescent -
  4. 4. T-SQL Enhancements Robust Discovery of Result Set Metadata (replacing SET FMTONLY) Improved Error Handling  Introduces the THROW, which allows us to re-throw an exception caught in an exception handling block FileTable Sequence Generators Paging Construct Support for UTF-16  Collations can be used with the data types: nchar, nvarchar, and sql_variant
  5. 5. T-SQL Result Sets  Suppose that you need to write code against SQL Server that uses result sets returned from stored procedures and dynamic batches  You need a guarantee that the result sets will have very specific metadata. if the shape of the result is different than what you expect, you need it to fail.
  6. 6. T-SQL Result Sets You can specify the new option with the EXECUTE statement when executing a stored procedure or a dynamic batch EXECUTE <batch_or_proc> WITH <result_sets_option>;
  7. 7. T-SQL Result Sets RESULT SETS UNDEFINED  this is the default, meaning that never mind what’s the shape of the result sets RESULT SETS NONE  you have a guarantee that no result set will be returned. If a result set is returned, an error is generated and the batch terminates
  8. 8. T-SQL Result Sets RESULT SETS <definition>  Specify the metadata of one or more result sets, and get a guarantee that the result sets and their number will match the metadata defined in the RESULT SETS clause
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. SQL Server Denali THROWcommand The THROW command can be invoked in two main ways:  Without any parameters within the CATCH block of a TRY/CATCH construct. This will essentially re-throw the original error.  With parameters to throw a user defined error.
  11. 11.  Demo SQL-at-a-Glance-THROW.aspx
  12. 12. T-SQL Enhancements File TableFileTable• A merging of the FILESTREAM and HierarchyID• Can store files and folders• FileTables are accessed via windows share• Created table has predefined schemaCREATE TABLE DocumentStore AS FileTable WITHFileTable_Directory Document FILESTREAM_ON FILESTREAMGroup1;
  13. 13. T-SQL Enhancements Sequence GeneratorSEQUENCE• Generates a predicatble number of values• Global• Can be ascending, descending, minimum, maximum and cycle• Supports getting a range via sp_sequence_get_range
  14. 14. T-SQL Enhancements Sequence GeneratorCREATE SEQUENCE ComWinSchema.IdSequence AS INT START WITH 10000 INCREMENT BY 1;GOINSERT INTO ComunidadMembers (MemberId, Name)VALUES (NEXT VALUE FOR ComWinSchema.IdSequence, Juan);INSERT INTO ComunidadAdmin (AdminId, Name)VALUES (NEXT VALUE FOR ComWinSchema.IdSequence, ‘Juan);
  15. 15. T-SQL Enhancements Paging -- Before Denali WITH a AS ( SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY Name) AS RowNum ... ) SELECT * FROM a WHERE a BETWEEN 11 AND 20 ORDER BY RN ORDER BY RowNum;
  16. 16. T-SQL Enhancements Paging-- In DenaliSELECT...ORDER BY ...OFFSET 10 ROWSFETCH NEXT 10 ROWS ONLY Not a performance improvement, there for ease of use Perf is similar to using ROW_NUMBER
  17. 17. Demo
  18. 18. VertiPaq VertiPaq Storage Engine  Lots of cheap RAM => In-memory storage  Column-oriented data compression > 10:1  Support for column-oriented DAX queries
  19. 19. Column Store Indexes• PowerPivot in SQL Server• An index is created across columns instead of rows• Can give a massive query performance increase• Read only• Reduced IO• Compressed• Not a NoSQL implementation / alternative
  20. 20. Denali Columnstore Indexes Denali introduces a new type of index called the columnstore. This new type of index is built up on the values across columns instead of traditional row based indexes. As data tends to be less unique across a column it allows the columnstore to efficiently compress and store data.
  21. 21. Denali Columnstore Indexes The columnstore is currently read-only, however it can be updated via dropping and recreating the index, or switching in a partition. Due to the ability to compress and keep the index in memory the Columnstore can give massive (10x, 100x, 1000x…) increase in speed to warehouse queries Not all queries can benefit and some can regress. In general typical star join queries found in a Data Warehouse when only a portion of the columns are selected will get the biggest benefit.
  22. 22. Denali Columnstore Indexes C1CE06B-DE2F-40D1-9C5C- 3EE521C25CE9/Columnstore%20Indexes%20for%20Fa st%20DW%20QP%20SQL%20Server%2011.pdf
  23. 23. Column Store Index Columnstore%20Indexes%20for%20Fast%20DW%20QP%20SQL%20Server%2011.pdf