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Real Advice for Graduates


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6 tips for graduates that I would have given myself when I was 22. Good luck you guys.

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Real Advice for Graduates

  1. If I were 22. REAL ADVICE FOR GRADUATES By Edahn Small •
  2. DON’T GIVE IN TO SELF-DOUBT. 01 Self-doubt is born out of your ability to recognize great quality. It’s an asset. Use it to better yourself and the work you do.
  3. TRUST IN YOUR INSTINCT. 02 Totally cliché, I know, but it’s good advice. You know yourself better than you think, and when you get older, you’ll realize that you always knew your passion, even if you ignored it.
  4. DON’T FORCE LOVE. 03 Don’t work so hard to make love work. It’s not supposed to be work, it’s supposed to be natural, and it’ll feel that way with the right people.
  5. CREATE REASONS TO LOVE YOURSELF. 04 Don’t just love yourself blindly. Condition your love on things you can control, like being a good, honest person who cares about others and be that person. Don’t condition your love on success or status.
  6. YOU’LL FIGURE IT OUT. 05 Things have a way of working out, and you can probably figure out what you don’t already know. You may not think so, but you’d be surprised.
  7. CONFIDENCE COMES WITH EXPERIENCE. 06 You can fake confidence, but you can’t manufacture it. Confidence comes with time, with mistakes, and with seeing what you can do and offer others.