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2013 HDI Session 607: Call Monitoring Scoring for Success


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April 18, 2013
Session 607: Call Monitoring: Scoring for Success
The expectations you set for your analysts will go a long way toward helping them create the perfect customer experience. Walk away from this session with the tools you need to turn your team members into quality service agents; learn the importance of showering them with praise when they perform successfully and working with them privately on their weaknesses. Eddie Vidal will explain why it’s important to greet the customer in a professional, consistent manner, focus on key points during the call, and train your agents in the right techniques for closing the customer loop.

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2013 HDI Session 607: Call Monitoring Scoring for Success

  1. 1. Session 607: Call Monitoring: Scoring for Success
  2. 2. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiEddie Vidal• HDI & Fusion Track Chair• HDI & Fusion Conference Speaker• HDI Strategic & Member AdvisoryBoard• HDI Southeast Regional Director• President of South Florida HDI LocalChapter• Published in Support WorldMagazine• HDI Support Center ManagerCertified• ITIL V3 Foundation & OSA CertifiedManager, Medical IT Service Deskevidal@miami.edueddie_vidal@yahoo.com305-439-9240 2@eddievidal
  3. 3. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiObjectives• Setting expectations• Template to get you started• Guidelines for coaching• Recognize star performers
  4. 4. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiWhy do we monitor and record calls?• Evaluate agent performance on “softskills”• Compliance and directives• Capture and share valuable businessintelligence
  5. 5. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiWhy Are We Here?• Customers from unhappy to happy• Service customers• Minimize operating costs• Reduce downtime• Provide valuable business insight• How can we make our jobs easier?• How can we make the customer’s jobeasier?
  6. 6. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiSetting Expectations• Do we know what is expected of us?• If you knew, would you do your jobbetter?• If you knew the results of your work?– Know your strengths– Work on weaknesses• Praise, Praise, Praise
  7. 7. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiami•Certificates•Movie Tickets•Employee chooses award•Nominated for HDI award•Wall of Fame•Monthly $20 award / up to 5 people•Recognition at meetings•Analyst/Technician of the period•Coffee cards or other gift cards•Service super stars share cake/dinner•Hand written “thank-you” note from manager•Name in agency newsletterRecognizing Top Performers7
  8. 8. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiTips before implementing• Obtain buy-in from agents• Let agents review questions• Listen to their own calls• Listen to other agents/peers calls• Managers answer calls too
  9. 9. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiAttitude• Do you want toanswer the phone?• Phone ringso Excited?o Sigh?o Inconvenienced?
  10. 10. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiCustomer Service"If the customerfeels like it waspoor service, thenit was poorservice. We are inthe customerserviceperceptionbusiness”
  11. 11. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiThe University of Miami Way
  12. 12. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiUniversity of Miami Approach - Scoring• Subjective– Maybe– Not sure– Hmm– I think so• Objective– Yes– No
  13. 13. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiFour Part Scoring• Greeting the customer• Key points during the call• Ending the call• Behavioral Questions
  14. 14. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiSmile and say
  15. 15. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiami
  16. 16. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiSurvey Says• 100 people surveyed - the top 3answers• What are the opening questionsand/or statements an agent speakswhen answering a call?
  17. 17. Greeting the CustomerName²How may I help youIntroduce yourself
  18. 18. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiSurvey Says• 100 people surveyed - the top 10answers• What are key points the agent mustcommunicate during the call?
  19. 19. Verify Phone NumberVerify Tracking #Summarize CallID Customer DeptVerify AddressProvide Tracking #Transferring CallsPlacing on HoldPlan of ActionTimeline for ResolutionKey Points During the Call
  20. 20. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiSurvey Says• 100 people surveyed - the top 5answers• What are key points the agent mustcommunicate when ending the call?
  21. 21. Ending the CallEnd call on positive noteAllow customer to have last wordThank customer for callingOffer further assistanceEncourage future calls
  22. 22. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiSurvey Says• 100 people surveyed - the top 5answers• What type of behavioral tendenciesdid the agent perform throughout thecall?
  23. 23. Behavioral QuestionsApologize for inconveniences causedCourteous and empatheticAttitude positive and friendlyAnswered all caller’s questionsSpeak audibly and clearly
  24. 24. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiResults & Feedback• Weaknesses– Corrective actions– Constructivefeedback• Strengths– Good workers –listen– Change andbecome better– Become starperformers
  25. 25. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiTaking it to another level• Use an incident for same call• Follow the trail from beginning to end• To post or not to post?• Create competition
  26. 26. Call Monitoring Score27
  27. 27. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiMust haves• Create a good first impression• Placing on hold correctly• Transferring calls• Leaving messages
  28. 28. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiEmails• Support WorldNov/Dec 2010• Leslie OFlahavan•• Twitter: @LeslieO
  29. 29. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiami• Subject Line• Personalize by name• Answer questions• Polite, Personal,Professional• Link to additionalsupport (KB, wiki)• Contact info• Tracking NumberEmail Monitoring
  30. 30. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiMessageSubject: AdvisoryAll efforts to restore service levels to normal have beenunsuccessful. The vendor is requesting that the PBX isrebooted at 1:00 p.m. to prevent further widespreadoutages. It will take 3-5 minutes maximum for service tobe restored after reboot. Please remind all Call CentersAgents to log back in. This does not pertain to Voice OverIP (VoIP) services. Ancillary services tied to the PBX maytake longer to be fully restored.If you have any questions, please contact the IT SupportCenter at 305 555-6565, or email us atitsupportcenter@dontcallus.com31
  31. 31. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiChat Monitoring• Keep it professional• No slang terms, grammar is important• Not texting (U, UR, LOL )
  32. 32. UniversityofMiamiUniversityofMiamiFour takeaways Setting expectations Template to get you started Guidelines for coaching Recognize star performers
  33. 33. Thank You for AttendingContact InformationEddie Complete theSession Evaluation