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Erica Frischkorn

Erica Frischkorn has two years teaching experience in English and French. Erica Frischkorn firmly believes in making a positive contribution to society and thus also actively engages in various community activities.

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Erica Frischkorn

  1. 1. Erica Frischkorn- A Knowledgeable And Proficient Teacher With Many Resourceful Qualities
  2. 2. A resident from Mississauga, Erica Frischkorn is an intelligent, enthusiastic, and motivated teacher with a generous demeanor.  She believes that teaching is an art in itself, and thus introduces interactive and engaging sessions to promote effective learning.  She strives to provide dynamic and advanced skills to the students in order to ensure their growth and success. 
  3. 3. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to work helps her emerge successful in every task that she handles.  She has a brilliant academic background. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in 2009 from McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, she went on to complete Bachelor of Education in English, French and Special Education from Queen's University, Kingston, ON.  Currently she is enrolled in a Master's program in Curriculum and Instruction in Language Arts at Florida Gulf Coast Institute, and is expecting to receive her Master's Degree in December 2013. 
  4. 4. Erica Frischkorn has two years experience in English and French.  teaching She taught French to Grade 9 students at a school in Napanee, ON where she introduced interactive learning to promote oral communication and writing in the French Language.  She also has the experience of teaching French to the students of Grade 6 and 7 in Mississauga, ON, where she specifically focused on encouraging oral communication by leading class discussions and analyzing related texts. 
  5. 5. Apart from this, she taught English to Grade 12 students in Napanee, ON.  During her teaching sessions, she implemented interactive activities and essential questions to promote critical thinking while reading and responding to texts and materials related to the media.  She helped to enhance basic understanding of the students in reading comprehension and texts while using 
  6. 6. Erica firmly believes in making a positive contribution to society and thus also actively engages in various community activities.  Erica Frischkorn is a fitness enthusiast and has participated in various races and marathons.  She is also an avid traveler and has explored various places around Europe, Galapagos Islands, Canada and the U.S. 
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