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Enhancement in Food Production Exercises - MH-CET 2015

Enhancement in Food Production Exercises - MH-CET 2015 by

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Enhancement in Food Production Exercises - MH-CET 2015

  1. 1. Enhancement in Food Production Exercise Q.1 Objective of plant breeding is to develop plant type for (a) suitable for cultivation (b) better yield (c) disease resistance (d) all of the above Q.2 With the help of plant breeding tolerance limit of a plant for the environment stress factors like …… can not be improved. (a) drought (b) extreme temperature (c) High level of radioactivity (d) salinity Q.3 Germ- plasm collection of a particular crop means (a) Collection of seeds (b) Collection of plants (c) Collection of all alleles of all the genes. (d) All of the above Q.4 From the year 1960 to 2000. The wheat production increased from – (a) 11 tones to 75 tones per hecter (b) 11 million tones to 75 million tones (c) 11 to 75 kg / m2 (d) None of the above Q.5 In green revolution, the increase in crop yield was due to …… of wheat & rice. (a) improved semi-dward variety (b) improved dwarf variety
  2. 2. (c) improved tall variety (d) None of the above Q.6 Kalyansona variety of wheat is (a) high yielding (b) sensitive to fungal diseases (c) dwarf (d) both a & c Q.7 The semi-dwarf varieties of rice were developed from …… & …… in India. (a) IR-8 & Taichung Native – I (b) Sonalika & Kalyansona (c) Jaya & Ratna (d) None of the above Q.8 Name the better yielding semi-dwarf varieties of rice that are developed in India. (a) Jaya (b) Kanti (c) Ratna (d) both a & c Q.9 High yielding varieties of rice are – (a) Padma (b) Jayanti (c) Vijaya (d) All of the above Q.10 High yielding varieties of wheat are – (a) Sharbati – Sonora – 64 (b) Sonora – 64 (c) Roja 64 A (d) Lerma Answer key:
  3. 3. 1-d 2-c 3-d 4-b 5-a 6-a 7-a 8-d 9-d 10-b #Solution# #2# The plant that is tolerant to high level of radioactivity is not known. #6# Kalyansona is high yielding disease resistant and semi-dwarf variety of wheat. #7# IR-8 was formed at IRRI, Philippines. Taichung Native-1 is from Taiwan. From these two varieties semi-dwarf varieties were developed in India. Keep on visiting for more study material for MH-CET 2015. -Team Ednexa