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Advanced thoughts on the value conversation


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Brief set of slides that advance the idea of the value conversation for professional firms.

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Advanced thoughts on the value conversation

  1. 1. Advanced thoughts on the value conversation
  2. 2. Materialist value Increase Reduce Improve Create Revenue Profit Growth Market share Retention Return on assets Return on investment Efficiency Cash flow Visibility Cost Time Effort Complaints Risk Turnover Conflict Paperwork Productivity Process Service Information Morale Image Reputation Skills Quality Loyalty Strategy Systems Process New business Product Service Brand
  3. 3. Spiritual value • Specialist expertise/knowledge • Unique social capital • Brand and/or reputation • Unique result––creativity and innovation • Reducing risk • Excellent experience (Moments of Truth) • Make the customer “look good” • Relationship • Knowledge elicitation
  4. 4. Elements of Value Transcendence Provides hope; Self- actualization, Motivation, Heirloom, Affiliation/belonging Reduces anxiety, Reward me, Nostalgia, Design/aesthetics, Reputation, Wellness, Therapeutic value, Fun/entertainment, Attractiveness, Provides access Saves time, Simplifies, Makes money, Reduces risk, Organizes, Integrates, Connects, Reduces effort, Avoids hassles, Reduces cost, Quality, Variety, Sensory appeal, Informs