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From fire fighting to fire insurance


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I delivered this presentation at the 90 Minds 8th Annual Meeting of the Minds in San Diego.

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From fire fighting to fire insurance

  1. 1. From Fire Fighting to Fire Insurance Ed Kless - @edkless 1 March 2019 #90MindsMotM
  2. 2. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On.
  3. 3. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On.
  4. 4. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Amazon Prime 1 x 7 ≠ 7 x 1
  5. 5. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On.
  6. 6. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Smile Curve for implementations Determine Cost/Benefit Develop Project Plan Implementation Go Live Access Level Agreement ValuetoCustomer Duration
  7. 7. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Design Build Solutions Deliverables Ideation Execution MAGIC LOGIC Low-value Low-marginHigh-value High-margin
  8. 8. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Step Magic Work Logic Work Determine Value to Solve Requires providing insight into the data gathered and assimilated and developing tangible goals Is mostly about just gathering and assimilating data from the customer Develop Project Plan Requires a focus on tight objectives, resource and quality requirements Is mostly about just describing the deliverables and functional requirements Implementation Requires a high level of collaboration with the customer including a well executed communications plan and adherence to the scope or change request process Is mostly executed by the Partner by using a checklist. (Usually in someone’s head, but nonetheless.) System Commencement Requires a detailed understanding and use of the change and transition model Is mostly about getting the data right and can the customer personnel function Access Level Agreement Requires a deep understanding of the on-going knowledge requirement of the customer Is mostly about fixing problems the crop up in a timely manner Sage Partner – Magic v Logic
  9. 9. #90MindsMotM Be Sage. Build On. Nine Subscription Models The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow
  10. 10. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Web-site membership
  11. 11. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. All-you-can-consume content
  12. 12. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Private club
  13. 13. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Front-of-the-line
  14. 14. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Consumables
  15. 15. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Surprise box
  16. 16. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Simplifier
  17. 17. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Network
  18. 18. #90MindsMotM - @edkless Be Sage. Build On. Peace-of-mind
  19. 19. #90MindsMotM Be Sage. Build On. Homework Why would you subscribe to: Roofs, Refrigerators, Drills, Birthday Parties, Shoes… YOU!
  20. 20. #90MindsMotM Be Sage. Build On. Ed Kless - @edkless