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5 Trends Marketers Should Not Ignore


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5 Trends Marketers Should Not Ignore

  1. 1. 5 Trend Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore @Ekaterina
  2. 2. #1The Power of Millennial Generation@Ekaterina
  3. 3. 50% of world population is under 30 “Digital Natives” are: • Sophisticated • Educated • Connected • Global@Ekaterina
  4. 4. Estimated collective buying power of millennials alone in US is $200 billion annually. Not only millennials serving as leading indicators on media consumption, advocacy and social media usage habits among other generations, but also they are indirectly influencing buying decisions to the tune of an estimated $500 billion each year. @Ekaterina
  5. 5. 3 Truths About Millennials and Brands bConsumers prefer brands they grew up with Millennials are the chief technology officers in most households Marketers do not know how to market to millennials@Ekaterina
  6. 6. The good news: millennials do engage with brands on social networks (source: Barkley)@Ekaterina
  7. 7. Peer Influence. Cause Marketing. Participation Economy.• Peer influence is twice as important as advertising: 62% of decisions is influenced by social circle and family. (source: 2011 Mobile Youth Report)• Responsible brands that create safe environment on the planet and for people are respected. Cause marketing works.• Market with them, not to them. Youth believes that both product and marketing actions should be co-created, that the crowd will always outsmart the individual. GenY wants to actively participate and be included as partners in the brands they love. @Ekaterina
  8. 8. Self-Expression. Experiences. Emotional Stimuli.• Allow youth to express themselves and elevate their own brand, they will be more likely to like your. Offer personalization.• Facilitate life and deliver tailored experiences: they crave adventure and novelty; always looking for great stories and memories.• They are stimulation junkies: emotional stimuli creates word of mouth and drives advocacy. Evoke happiness, adrenaline-provoking thrills, positive surprise, offer challenges. Gamification works. @Ekaterina
  9. 9. Instant Gratification. Entrepreneurial. Global. Social.• They are looking for instant gratification. They are more impulsive shoppers than the former generations (55%); indulgence and luxury shopping is a way to relax for them (45%). (source: Barkley)• They are an entrepreneurial generation. Help them succeed.• They are international: in the global village local trends don’t exist.• They are highly social. Facilitate togetherness (online and offline) by bringing youngsters with shared passions together. @Ekaterina
  10. 10. Content Creation. Status. Mobile.• 60% are content creators (source: Barkley). Take advantage of that.• Image and status matter: 40% would pay extra for products that is consistent w/the image they want to convey (source: Barkley). Use me-marketing strategies.• Mobile device is an indispensable body part. Have a mobile strategy. @Ekaterina
  11. 11. #2 Convergence of POEM (paid * owned * earned media)@Ekaterina
  12. 12. Convergence of paid and social mediashows significant brand and sales impact. Convergence of mindsets + Convergence of departments + Convergence of tools and analytics = Holistic brand story and comparable, improved results @Ekaterina
  13. 13. Earned media alone is not enough; brands must leverage paid and owned to drive scale.@Ekaterina Source: Altimeter Group
  14. 14. #3 Real-Time Marketing@Ekaterina
  15. 15. To be effective marketers have to foster the environment of urgency• Brand strategies• Content marketing• Message and media optimization• Alignment with trending topics• Engaging audiences at online/offline events• Customer service• Product development@Ekaterina
  16. 16. Relevancy has a deadline@Ekaterina
  17. 17. Relevancy has a deadline@Ekaterina
  18. 18. @Ekaterina
  19. 19. @Ekaterina
  20. 20. Make marketing personal!@Ekaterina
  21. 21. Make marketing personal!@Ekaterina
  22. 22. Real-time marketing is a way of thinking@Ekaterina
  23. 23. Smart Car. Smart Marketing.@Ekaterina
  24. 24. @Ekaterina
  25. 25. @Ekaterina
  26. 26. World’s Fastest Agency@Ekaterina
  27. 27. World’s Fastest Agency@Ekaterina
  28. 28. Don’t insert yourself into conversations where you don’t add value or if you don’t fully understand the context of @Ekaterina
  29. 29. Real-time response takes a lot of planning• Listening (command centers)• Meaningful data, actionable insights• Stakeholder alignment• Employee and agency empowerment• Flexible strategies and editorial calendars• On-brand risk-taking (in alignment with long-term goals and objectives)@Ekaterina
  30. 30. #4 The Rise of Visual Marketing@Ekaterina
  31. 31. A picture is worth a thousand words@Ekaterina
  32. 32. Images speak to the heart@Ekaterina
  33. 33. Images transcend cultures and languages@Ekaterina
  34. 34. Images tell stories@Ekaterina
  35. 35. They speak louder than words@Ekaterina
  36. 36. The rise of visual social media Generated more referral traffic for businesses than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined >90M monthly active users; 40M photos daily >300M photos uploaded daily >37M copies sold worldwide; >20M users created 3B drawings within first 7 weeks of launch@Ekaterina
  37. 37. Recalibrate your content strategy to include visuals• A 2012 study by ROI Research found that 44% of respondents are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media.• Research by M Booth and Simply Measured found that on Facebook’s top 10 brand pages photos and video drive the most engagement, while videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined, and photos are liked two times more than text updates.@Ekaterina
  38. 38. 2X engagement with visuals on Facebook.90% higher engagement with timely visuals.@Ekaterina
  39. 39. Infographics@Ekaterina
  40. 40. Pinterest@Ekaterina
  41. 41. Slideshare@Ekaterina
  42. 42. #5The Dangers of the Online Influence@Ekaterina
  43. 43. What is influence?@Ekaterina
  44. 44. Who are your advocates? Die Hard Intel Fan - Damien Bayless@Ekaterina
  45. 45. Focus on Engaging Your 10% Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that it only takes 10% of a population holding an unshakable belief in order to convince the majority to adopt the same belief. In fact, they found that this will always be the case.@Ekaterina
  46. 46. But instead…@Ekaterina
  47. 47. And it should be…@Ekaterina
  48. 48. @Ekaterina
  49. 49. Build Movements!@Ekaterina
  50. 50. Bonus…#6… Social Engagement:From Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms@Ekaterina
  51. 51. Executives’ social engagement improves brand image, deepens brand loyalty, & increases purchase intent2012 study by BRANDfog:• 80.6% believe that social media is an important communication channel for CEOs to engage with customers and investors• 68.7% believe that C-suite social media engagement enhances the perception that a brand is honest and trustworthy• 83.9% believe that CEO social media engagement is an effective tool to increase brand loyalty@Ekaterina
  52. 52. 94% of employees believe a social CEO will enhance their brand (IBM 2012 Global CEO Study)2/3 of the organizations achieving the Companies that embrace socialhighest returns reported that the C-suite experience 4X greater businesshas active advocates of social engagement. impact.@Ekaterina Source: Pulse Point Economics of Socially Engaged Enterprise
  53. 53. Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder“…like all other areas of business, CEOs have the opportunity to set the bar. By ignoring social networks, they are potentially missing an opportunity.” @Ekaterina
  54. 54. Oliver Bussman, SAP CIO “The greatest value of social media is gaining access to thought leaders in the industry. Frankly, you would otherwise pay a lot of money for that information.” “Social media gives the CIO a public voice on topics likeinnovation, business transformation and IT delivery. When we communicate value, IT stops being a black box.”@Ekaterina
  55. 55. Kim Stevenson, Intel CIO@Ekaterina
  56. 56. Conclusion1. Engage Gen Y and Gen Z, allow them to shape your brand.2. Integrate POEM for a bigger impact.3. Cultivate the mindset of agility.4. In shaping your content strategy, don’t forget visuals.5. Don’t create campaigns, build movements6. Work with your executives on helping them find their digital voice.@Ekaterina
  57. 57. www.ekaterinawalter.comTwitter: @Ekaterina