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Special Event Presentation 2009


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Special Event Presentation 2009

  1. 1. We Want to Work With You… The Magic Words! So what is the difference… between a planner and a really “good” planner? Top of Your Profession Are you good at your job? Really good? How do you know? Is your client getting the best possible service? Are top vendors recommending you? If not, why? If so, why? What does it take to be at the top of your profession? Wedding Professionals •  Think of some top professionals in our area. –  Ford Ellington/Brennan Scanlon/All Occasions •  What makes them so special? –  It’s not just their talent. Or their product. •  Planner verses Good Planner!!! (Vendor) –  (Beginning with the assumption that all here know the basics) 1
  2. 2. Passion for the Industry •  Got to love it! – Know vendors that hate brides, weddings but do weddings every weekend – Still get emotional every ceremony – Love that moment when event comes together Create Team Environment •  Be a part of the team/Make it a team environment •  Take care of your team –  Let them know you can’t do it without them •  Work for everyone that involved in the event! –  Randy Schieb from Vincent Lighting- “Well , from a vendors side, a planner who is there for the vendors as well as their customer. For example making sure the vendors get meals. From the end customer’s point of view, someone who is flexible with changes, patience, one step ahead…” Lead Without Bossing •  No one Likes to Be Told What To Do. –  Be Respective/Ask What They Think •  Sometimes Got to Let it Go –  Stay within your area of responsible •  Always Gracious to Everyone! –  From Bellman to MOB 2
  3. 3. Be Willing to Take Charge •  Don’t be afraid to take charge when needed –  When it hits the fan, and it does-step up •  Think quick on your feet –  Aisle candles example •  Make a decision-Fast and Confident! Back Up Your Decisions When you make that decision - always be willing to back it up. –  Kidnapped Wedding Party •  Honesty, Integrity and Trust –  Not easy to say “I made a mistake” –  Do what you say and say what you do –  People know they can count on you Don’t Need to Be in Limelight •  It’s not about you! It’s the team! The event! •  Remember “Integrity of the Event’ –  (CYA) your team/event-unless something serious is compromised that needs to be addressed (later) •  Refolding napkins –  We often don’t get to take the credit for our saves •  Keep event perfect in eyes of the bride –  It’s that precious “Bridal Bubble Bliss” 3
  4. 4. Risk Management •  Think ahead…Assess the Risks –  Is it worth it, how to reduce the risk –  Have a Plan B (Plan C if Needed) •  Be Prepared –  Kevin Ford-“I love it when a planner is prepared; when they know the answers to the questions before they are even asked”. Disaster Management •  Always have a disaster plan –  Watch weather reports –  Know exit routes, fire codes –  Know emergency numbers •  Hospitals, Fire, Police (how to dial 911) •  Everyone will be Looking to You –  Consider CPR training –  Stock your own E-kit (beware of your risk) Always Remain Calm •  Never Let Them See You Sweat! –  Photographer losing it •  They are paying us to handle the stress…Not to add more stress! (that bubble thing again) –  Cake story from florist/client –  Tux shop chained –  Classic Car dead on road 4
  5. 5. Know When to Say NO •  Don’t bite off more than you can chew •  Know your limitation –  Turned down a Jewish wedding when I was not yet ready! •  Balance your schedule/fair to your clients •  It’s okay to say “I Don’t Know” (takes courage) –  Then Find That Answer… Share the Accolades •  Again, remember it’s the team –  Give credit, where credit is due •  Make sure vendors know how much they are appreciated •  Make sure client know how much vendors contributed Credentials •  It’s got to be so much more than a cool web site or just being at the top of Google that gets you the gig. •  CSEP-certified special event professional •  ABC-professional development program –  PBC/ABC/MBC- certificate of distinction •  CMP -certified meeting planner •  CERP-certified event rental professional 5
  6. 6. Our Biggest Problem •  Planners that aren’t professional, not trained, not educated, not ethical, not responsible, not ready to take on the importance of such an event (in over their heads) •  Venues/vendors continue to complain •  Can’t Grow unless you step outside of yourselves/your own knowledge base. Never too Good to Learn •  Always room to improve –  Don’t ever think your above learning –  Can be just one point you learn •  Be willing to give back to industry •  Stay inspired, keep up to date –  Franks Annapolis, MBC- Knowledge is power! Got to make time for it. Going the extra mile to separate yourself from the others by doing extra things to really get the pulse on what is out there. Having the pulse on what the new trends are is vital. •  •  6