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How to Use Video to Nurture Leads through the Marketing Funnel


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WistiaFest 2016 presentation with tips on how to put together lead gen and lead nurturing video campaigns and how to measure them.

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How to Use Video to Nurture Leads through the Marketing Funnel

  1. 1. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille How to Nurture Leads with Video Ellie Mirman, VP Marketing, Toast
  2. 2. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille First, what do we mean by “lead nurturing”?
  3. 3. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille “Lead Nurturing” is all about identifying lost opportunities in the funnel.
  4. 4. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille “Lead Nurturing” is the process of building relationships with your audience over time – instead of losing them right out of the gate.
  5. 5. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille What percentage of your contacts are moving from one step of the funnel to the next?
  6. 6. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille If lead nurturing is effective, you’ll see more customers and revenue from the same top of the funnel marketing efforts.
  7. 7. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Therefore, measure the effectiveness of your lead nurturing by the lead-to-customer percentage.
  8. 8. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Nurturing Requires: Content & Distribution • Email text • Images • Ebook offers • Case study videos • Presentations • Email • Retargeting display or cpc ads • Phone calls • Events
  9. 9. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Nurturing Requires: Content & Distribution That’s a whole separate presentation.
  10. 10. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Nurturing How-to Playbook 1. Start with your goal 2. Identify message and desired action 3. Create and launch 4. Measure and analyze
  11. 11. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille How to use video to nurture leads
  12. 12. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Start with your goal TARGET MARKET PROSPECT LEAD OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER EVANGELIST
  13. 13. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Start with your goal • Where are you losing people? • Why? • What message will get them to the next stage? • How will you communicate that message? Goal Message Desired Action
  14. 14. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Industry Expert Interviews • Example: Toast • Goal: Attract prospects • Message: Thought Leadership • Desired Action: Visit/View, Subscribe
  15. 15. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Educational Series • Example: Shopify • Goal: Attract leads • Message: We are a resource for you • Desired Action: View, request more info
  16. 16. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Campaign Promotion • Example: JetBlue • Goal: Attract prospects • Message: Buzz and PR coverage • Desired Action: Book a flight, customer loyalty
  17. 17. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Product Features • Example: Toast • Goal: Convert Leads • Message: Superior product ease-of-use • Desired Action: Get a demo, be a customer
  18. 18. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Demo Confirmation • Example: Toast • Goal: Demo show rate • Message: Build personal connection with sales rep • Desired Action: Follow through on demo
  19. 19. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Customer Case Studies • Example: Toast • Goal: Convert Leads • Message: Customers like you are successful • Desired Action: Get a demo, be a customer
  20. 20. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Brand Values • Example: Yoh • Goal: Attract prospects or win customers • Message: This is how our brand is different • Desired Action: View, choose this firm
  21. 21. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Recruiting Inside Peek • Example: Acquia • Goal: Attract and close new employees • Message: Why it’s great to work here • Desired Action: Apply, refer, accept offer
  22. 22. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille A Brief Detour to Talk About Distribution…
  23. 23. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Distribution Channels Email Marketing Paid Media/Retargeting Social Media Website (Smart) Content Offline Activities
  24. 24. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille How targeted can you go? • What actions have they taken? • What actions have they NOT taken? • What demographics better qualify them? • What do you not know about them that you wish you did? NOTE: Targeting increases relevancy but does not make sense if you don’t have a significantly sized target segment.
  25. 25. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille When you measure a lead nurturing campaign, you’re measuring the effectiveness of the Content & Distribution combination
  26. 26. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Ultimately, you want to measure email open rates ad click through rates social media impressions number of video views lead-to-customer conversion rate
  27. 27. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Distribution Quick Tips • Use trigger-based email campaigns to automatically send relevant nurture videos to segments of leads • Test everything about your video ad creative – headlines, copy, video length, video subjects, video CTA • Embed videos straight into social media to cut down out the extra step of the click to view • Adapt website CTAs to segments of visitors to send them to relevant content • Don’t underestimate the nurturing you can do 1:1 through your customer-facing teams
  28. 28. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille How to measure your lead nurturing videos
  29. 29. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Two Simple Questions: 1. Did this increase my goal success rate? 2. Why or why not?
  30. 30. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Example 1: Industry Expert Interviews Did this increase my goal success rate? Goal: Attract prospects through thought leadership content, resulting in more views and prospects Results: Choose a quantitative metric (pageviews, CTA clicks, etc.) and compare against other or non-video content
  31. 31. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Example 1: Industry Expert Interviews
  32. 32. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Example 1: Industry Expert Interviews Why or why not? • Small sample size (3 video posts out of 30 total) – will need to keep producing to see more consistent trend • Top posts had a lot of social media traffic - sometimes LinkedIn, sometimes Facebook • Could be tied to recognizable name, extra promotion by the expert, and/or tailored content
  33. 33. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Example 2: Customer Case Studies Did this increase my goal success rate? Goal: Convert more leads and opportunities into customers by showcasing successful customers like them Results: Choose a quantitative metric (conversion rate to customer) and compare to similar groups of leads
  34. 34. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Example 2: Customer Case Studies
  35. 35. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Example 2: Customer Case Studies Why or why not? • Viewing a case study video shows you’re more engaged – could be selection bias, try comparing to other active leads who didn’t view case studies • Viewing a case study validates customer success – try comparing to leads who read written case studies but didn’t view videos to determine if video is a more effective medium
  36. 36. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Where can video help YOUR lead funnel?
  37. 37. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Step 1: Identify Opportunities • Start with your goal: customers, partners, candidates • Outline the steps, e.g.: • Visit – Lead – Opportunity – Customer • Inquiry – Evaluation – Negotiation – Partnership • Visit – Application – Interview – Hire • Measure each stat over time and analyze
  38. 38. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille It doesn’t have to be pretty… It just needs to keep a pulse on and identify areas to improve
  39. 39. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Step 2: Brainstorm Solutions Challenge Solutions Low website conversion rate • A/B test landing pages – content, form, layout/design • New offers • A/B test CTAs or change location or replace CTAs with embedded forms Website traffic not growing • Create unique, PR-worthy content • Newsjacking content • Test new referral sources Opportunities not closing • Identify sales training gaps • Create content around top objections • Create nurture streams for old opps Etc. • …
  40. 40. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Step 2: Brainstorm Solutions Identify what’s lacking & brainstorm ways to fill the gaps Talk to Sales Talk to Customers Analyze Success
  41. 41. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Step 3: Create and Launch
  42. 42. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Step 4: Measure & Analyze • Bring it back to the GOAL, METRIC, and ACTION • Two simple questions: 1. Did this increase my goal success rate? 2. Why or why not?
  43. 43. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Takeaways 1. Start with the goal. See where the leaks are in your funnel and develop a plan to improve those areas. 2. Consider the content and the distribution method. Determine the messaging and desired action, and remember that there are many channels to nurture leads: email, paid, social, website, offline. 3. Measure the lead-to-customer conversion rate. That’s ultimately what you’re aiming to affect.
  44. 44. #WistiaFest / @ellieeille Thank You