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Franklin & Marshall - A digital activation strategy


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Franklin & Marshall - A digital activation strategy

  1. 1. FRANKLIN & MARSHALLA digital activation strategyLuca InnocenziChief Marketing Manager
  2. 2. MEETING’S AGENDA 1. Who We are 2. Digital Activation: objectives 3. Digital Activation: Funding Element 4. Web Traffic Sources: integrated approach 5. Digital Infrastructure 6. Digital Timeline 2012 7. Digital Themes & Channels 2012
  3. 3. FRANKLIN & MARSHALL | WHO WE ARE"We always choose which side we are on, there are those who chase the obsession of GDPand those who prefer GDW."For F&M it is the Gross Domestic Welfare which drives the business. It is quality which givesvalue to the work and this is what F&M wants to project when presenting its product tothe market.Achieving quality for F&M means accepting the firm responsibility to impose its mission statementby supporting projects related to both sport and education.Sports and knowledge are two major factors in ensuring the individuals mental well-being,freedom of thought and awareness to participate in a world that gives basic rights and whichrequires responsibility."Do not tell the consumer stories of fashion, we prefer to tell of a pure lifestyle, inspired by thewell-being that comes from the social, cultural and ethical. We prefer to describe that it is better tobe there and watch the world with curious eyes than to be told about it. "
  4. 4. FRANKLIN & MARSHALL | DIGITAL ACTIVATION | OBJECTIVESFranklin & Marshall succeeded in becoming a leader of the college lifestyle; friendship,education, sport, culture and ethical values are its trademarks, but also quality andcreativity are two fundamental points for our brand. Creation of an online community from scratch Identification of “best channels” for online presence and communication Identification and analysis of web audience and brand positioning online Strengthening of the brand’s targeted prospects Conquest of new age ranges (23-30) and genders (women) Growth of online purchases and website visitors Enhancement and optimization of online shopping experience Creation of a consistent approach to 360 communication
  5. 5. 1. FRANKLIN target looking for? DIGITAL ACTIVATION | FOUNDING ELEMENTS What is our & MARSHALL |  What are the keywords they use when searching for home appliances? => keyword research  When do they use what keyword? => key-phrases analysis and mapping (which landing pages to provide which information)  What are the channels your target is using for search?2. How do we address user wants and needs?  Meeting search engine requirements (technical / content structure criteria) for indexation and optimal ranking in natural results  Ensuring copy is as relevant as possible to the targeted user, optimizing macro and micro content based on search queries  Ensuring presence in relevant channels (search engines, social media, corporate website etc.)  Ensuring correct answers to customer needs3. Why do we optimize web presence?  Demand Marketing: high internet penetration, user skills in web searching and fierce competition means ranking in top positions is a must  More than just being « visible » in SERPs through optimal ranking, you need to be attractive to your targeted users to maximize CTR  User experience on website must be astounding
  7. 7. FRANKLIN & MARSHALL | DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE website social e-shop channels
  8. 8. 12th Oct ‘11 End of Dec 1st Feb ’12 10th Febr ‘12: 28th Feb April April/May Transition from Social merge Achievement: Website restyling ‘12Achievement Global web Social channelsFacebook profile & Adv monitoring relaunch and +250K to +300K opening: brandpage +200K FANS FANS +393k FANS FANS Youtube brand 3K channelCONTACTS restyling
  9. 9. FRANKLIN & MARSHALL | DIGITAL CHANNELS AND THEMES 2012 Social Events & College Sport Product &Style Responsibility Sponsorships Blog Search Website Engine Marketing Blog & social Facebook media campaigns