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Teachers in the canteen

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Teachers in the canteen

  1. 1. Emmylou G. Corporal II-21 BSE BiologyPrepared
  2. 2.  Responsibility  Follow all the cafeteria rules and the instructions from the cafeteria workers.  Be safety conscious. Look out for wet floors and other hazards.  Do the right thing.  Be responsible with your actions.  Sit in assigned seats, clean tables, return food trays, place trash in appropriate containers and put chairs under tables when leaving cafeteria.
  3. 3.  Respect  Hands, feet & objects to self.  Be courteous and polite to workers. Treat people with dignity and honor.  Show respect through your words and actions. Say, “please”, “Thank you,” “Excuse me” or “I’m sorry” when appropriate.
  4. 4.  Cooperate with cafeteria workers.  Use good table manners; be orderly and speak quietly.  Take care of the cafeteria. Don’t damage chairs, tables, food trays or utensils.
  5. 5.  Fairness  Be fair and just. Go to the rear of the line, when getting in line. Do not cut in line. Don’t shove.  Understand that servers are instructed to give measured servings. Accept what you are given with no negative remarks.
  6. 6.  Teachers in the canteen  Enter quietly through the designated entrance.  Wait in a quiet and orderly manner, no cutting in line.  Remain seated while eating.  Eat your own food.  Talk if necessary but, quietly.
  7. 7.  Use good table manners.  Respect other’s personal space.  Keep the area around you clean.  Place trash, plates and utensils in proper place.  Leave in a quiet, orderly manner.

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