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Get the Picture & Get Found - The Need for Visual Content

A look at the visual content trend and how it fits into a larger strategy.

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Get the Picture & Get Found - The Need for Visual Content

  1. 1. Get the Picture & Get Found #YouToo2013
  2. 2. In SummaryVisual content is part of the largercommunications picture we need tocombat noise & shrinking consumerattention. #YouToo2013
  3. 3. Get the Picture & Get Found»WHAT we’re seeing»WHY it’s happening»HOW you can tap into it
  4. 4. WHAT we’re seeing #YouToo2013
  5. 5. WHAT: Types of Visual Content» Basic & Advanced• Text Formatting: Headlines, bullets, tables• Illustration: Visual note-taking, comics• Data Visualization: Representing data abstractly• Infographic: Telling a visual story• Photos: From basic to memes and more• Video: Two min is a documentary. GIFs, stop-action/Vine and more short format1.5 billion pieces of content are created daily – Mashable
  6. 6. WHAT: Data VisualizationMcDonalds: 15,000Starbucks: 11,000Walmart: 4,253
  7. 7. WHAT: Data Visualization"Every day, three times per second, we produce theequivalent amount of data that the Library ofCongress has in its entire print collection."— Nate Silver, statisticianHarvard Biz Review105 million “books” of data are generatedevery second of every day
  8. 8. WHAT: Infographics» Infographics tell a story invisual, snack-sized formats» Brands are asking to see yourdata in exchange for a personalinfographic that tells your story» Consumers are allowing it,despite privacy concerns,and sharing the end result
  9. 9. WHAT: Infographics» Tell a Story: Go deep on a topic, in a shorthandsummary» Meet Demand: Searches for infographics haverisen steadily since 2009– Google Insights for Search
  10. 10. WHAT: Photos» 4 trillion images since 1826» Every two minutes, we take more pictures thanwere taken in the 19th century» 380 billion images taken just in 2012 — Buzzfeed
  11. 11. » Marriage Equality: Facebook saw a 2.7 million,120%, increase in daily profile photo activity viaHuman Rights Campaigns efforts — Eytan Bakshy, Facebook
  12. 12. @jack: Boom. @Squareprocessed more than$3 million today so far.Big weekend going intoa bigger week. (06.11)WHAT: InstaNews
  13. 13. WHAT: InstaNews» WSJ crowdsources contentvia Instagram» Authentic content» Broad request requires nointermediaries, gets fastresponse
  14. 14. WHAT: Tumblr» Single-serving, impulse publishing» Content drives engagement and traffic» 85% of Tumblr content is reblogged contentfrom elsewhere on platform – David Karp, Tumblr CEO
  15. 15. WHAT: Video» Short-Attention Span Theatre• Repititious GIFs• Vine Stop-Action• YouTube is the #2 search engine• 72 hours of video uploadedto YouTube every minute – YouTube
  16. 16. WHAT: Video = Binge Consumption» Consumers scale between snacking and binging» Fluid programming, consumed on their terms» Changing production (Netflix’ House of Cards)
  17. 17. WHAT: Visual Content Moves FastSite Launch Top 3 StatusInstagram 10.2010 Largest Photo-Sharing Site*Vevo 12.2009 3rd Largest Video PlatformPinterest 11.2009 3rd Largest Social NetworkTumblr 02.2007 3rd Most-Visited Mobile Site*
  18. 18. WHY it’s happening #YouToo2013
  19. 19. WHY: The Visual Content Paradox» As we generate, and get access to, more DATA» We use data to inform CONTENT» Content drives engagement and SHARING» Sharing drives SEARCH which creates more dataAs visual content expands,the consumer’s attention span shrinks
  20. 20. WHY: The Perfect Storm» Consumers Habits» Fragmenting Media» ConvergingTechnology
  21. 21. »We’re hard-wired to tell stories. Before we could speak,we created visuals.22WHY: Consumer Habits
  22. 22. WHY: Multi-screen, Multi-tasking» Consumers switch media up to 27 times an hour –Ad Age» Consumers spend 11 hours a day consumingmedia – eMarketer
  23. 23. "Documenting the experience is moreimportant than the experience itself."— Ricky Van Veen, CollegeHumor Co-Founder
  24. 24. WHY: Consumer Habits» Sharing• Images drive traffic to otherdestinations• 10% of all Internet traffic is fromsharing – ShareThis• Liking/sharing is contentdistribution and it’s become apart of media consumption
  25. 25. "We don’t visit websites anymore,websites come to us."— Lauren Bruksch, Barbie/Mattel Mkt. Director
  26. 26. WHY: Technology» Convergence making it effortless to create/sharevisual content• Audio, text, photo, video – all in one device• Capture, edit, publish – all in one app• Collaborative content creation is emerging» Smart phones and tablets force the need for us todo more (communication) with less (screen)» Visual content gets more engagement and,therefore, better search results
  27. 27. WHY: Platforms Follow Suit» Platforms are evolving to take advantage of visual• Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ allserve up more, larger visuals in profiles• In-app filters added to several platforms• Print seems to be modeling online design andonline seems to be modeling print design
  28. 28. HOW you can tap into it #YouToo2013
  29. 29. HOW: Cornerstone/Cobblestone» Star Wars is acornerstone, made up ofeach movie/cobblestone– @TomMartin» Think snack-sized, but aspart of a larger, morestrategic whole» Optimize for audience,goals, simple consumptionand redistribution
  30. 30. Editorial• Strategy Guides• Search Informs• Aware ofGreaterNarrativeDesign• EnhancesContent• Helps DriveSnack-SizeDevelopment• ImpactsEngagement• PromotesExperience• Drives SharingHOW: New Model for Content
  31. 31. HOW: ConvergenceMedia What & Who Action Strength WeaknessPaid Promotions, adsPushes tostrangersCompletemessage controlLess credible;clutteredOwned Content marketingPulls incustomersCreates richerconnections,brand-controlledBrands arefinding theirway; takestimeEarnedNews, blog content;drives engagementand sharingEngageswith fansFuels front ofsales funnel;most credibleNo control;metricsmisapplied
  32. 32. HOW: Test & Learn» Pongr: Snap and share pics of brands, get rewards» Foap: Consumer Shutterstock w/ missions» Instagram Contests: Missions via Statigr.am33
  33. 33. HOW: Reconsider Content» Consider new content types and how creation,curation and distribution work with technology• Geo-local content via Foursquare Lists• Curated playlists via Spotify• Visual content based on users’ social profile; e.g.Intel’s Museum of Me
  34. 34. HOW: State of Art = Permanent BetaWhat Were AreTumblr & Pinterest Popular social sites Drive curation, sharingand trafficGoogle & Facebook Search/ social sites Major (earned) mediaoutletsEarned MediaGenerationBroadcast ParticipateSearch Engines Organic opportunity;based on mathPaid , organic andcontent; based onengagementThe Shiny New Blind faith orskepticismPragmatic test andlearn opportunitiesOther Agencies Competition Collaborativeopportunities
  35. 35. In SummaryVisual content is part of the largercommunications picture we need tocombat noise & shrinking consumerattention. #YouToo2013
  36. 36. Q&AFind Me: @prblog | @empowermm
  37. 37. Get the Picture & Get Found #YouToo2013