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Consumer Opinion on Green Vehicles: Enprecis Mobility Panel


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Mobile survey finds consumers interested in green vehicles, but hesitant due to high prices and concerns about reliability.

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Consumer Opinion on Green Vehicles: Enprecis Mobility Panel

  1. 1. Mobile Insights on Green Vehicles
  2. 2. Survey Context and Objectives •  Mobile study of consumer perspectives on green vehicles: electric vehicles, hybrids, alternative fuel, etc. •  Among the world’s first initiatives of its kind •  Designed to assess speed and reliability of mobile channel for gathering consumer data •  Represents a new opportunity to gather consumer opinion faster than ever before •  A precursor to private communities for automakers •  Easy for consumer and automaker alike •  Desirable demographic of smartphone users
  3. 3. Survey Details and Methodology •  Data obtained using established SMART Network of iPhone users in United States •  More than 2000 responses collected in one day •  Total sample of 1768 iPhone users in the U.S. was: •  Male: 56% Female: 44% •  Age 16-24: 38%, 25-34: 38%, 35-44: 17%, 45+: 7% •  Because the survey was a test to check the power of smartphones to generate rapid responses, respondents not necessarily representative of the American population
  4. 4. Survey Responses
  5. 5. Strong Demand for Green Vehicles Are you currently considering purchasing a green vehicle? •  Almost 4 out of 10 people consider purchasing a green car •  No significant difference 38% No between men and women Yes •  Minimal difference 62% between age groups1764 respondents
  6. 6. Vehicle Replacement Timeframe In what time frame would you purchase a green vehicle? •  More than a quarter 28% would purchase By the end of 2012 within 2 years In 5 years or more 55% •  Majority to purchase Within 2 to 5 years 17% within 2-5 years677 respondents considering a green vehicle
  7. 7. Hybrid Vehicles Lead Electric What type(s) of green vehicle are you considering? 600 •  Still uncertain, but more than 500 80% will consider hybrid 400 •  “Only” about 300 50% will consider 200 Electric 100 0 Hybrid Electric Plug-in Solar Flex Fuel Natural Gas Biodiesel or Other Hybrid (Ethanol) Clean DieselMultiple selections from 677 respondents considering green vehicles
  8. 8. Toyota, Hybrids Receive Most Consideration What model(s) of green vehicle are you considering? 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0Multiple selections from 677 respondents considering green vehicles
  9. 9. Fuel Savings, Environment are Top Reasons Why are you considering a green vehicle?700 •  A rational choice:600 technology and reduced noise are500 far behind400 •  Reduce dependence on300 foreign oil for more than 50%200100 0 Fuel savings Less impact To reduce Use of Tax credit or Reduced New type of Fuel on the dependence advanced other noise while driving economy environment on foreign oil technology incentive driving experience mandatesMultiple selections from 677 respondents considering green vehicles
  10. 10. Price, Durability are Top Obstacles What is preventing you from purchasing a green vehicle? 700 •  Price is clearly the 600 major factor 500 400 •  Uncertainty about 300 durability and battery life generate more 200 rejection than practical 100 concerns, especially 0 for respondents not considering a green car today No YesMultiple selections from all 1768 respondents
  11. 11. Price, Battery Life, Durability are Top Concerns What would you need to know about a green vehicle in order to feel comfortable purchasing one? 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0Multiple selections from all 1768 respondents
  12. 12. Green worth $2500 or less to most How much more would you pay for a green vehicle than a gasoline-powered vehicle? 6% 8% 0-2,500 more $2,500-5,000 more 45% 20% Not willing to pay a premium Any premium matched by tax or other incentives $5,000-10,000 more 21%Data from all 1768 respondents
  13. 13. Responses Consistent by Purchasing Plans How much more would you pay for a green vehicle than a gasoline-powered vehicle? $0-2,500 more $0-2,500 more Yes No $2,500-5,000 more $2,500-5,000 more $5,000-10,000 more $5,000-10,000 more Any premium matched by tax or other incentives Any premium matched by tax Not willing to pay or other a premium incentivesData from all 1768 respondents, split by plans to purchase a green vehicle
  14. 14. Varying Expectations for Vehicle Range What is the minimum distance a green vehicle should be able to travel without charging or refueling? Yes No 4% 13% 6% 0-49 miles 0-49 miles 19% 13% 19% 50-99 miles 50-99 miles 19% 100-149 miles 100-149 miles 150-299 miles 19% 150-299 miles 22% 21% 300-499 miles 300-499 miles 22% 500-800 miles 500-800 miles 23%Data from all 1768 respondents, split by plans to purchase a green vehicle
  15. 15. Gas/Savings, Environment are Top “Exciters” What else excites you about green vehicles? “Having new and exciting technology.” “Not having to rely on oil/gas.” “The ones now pave the way for “Sticking it to the oil companies!” more discoveries to come.” “There are so many different ways to go green.” “They have a huge future…Qualitative data from all 1768 respondents and I would love to be a part of it.”visualized using
  16. 16. Price, Battery Remain Top Concerns What else concerns you about green vehicles?“Not enough political backingto ensure infrastructure is built.”“Are they reallysaving energy?”“They areusuallyslow,cushy,andboring.”“My gas-powered “We are between “Carbon emissionsHondas last more than technologies… I wont buy from the companies10 years, will a hybrid until I know what is going to be producing electricitylast that long?” the new normal.” the cars run on.”
  17. 17. Conclusions
  18. 18. Key Findings on Green Vehicles•  There is a strong interest in green vehicles—more in hybrid than electric•  Due to its established communication and positioning on hybrids, the Toyota Prius receives the most consideration from consumers•  Most consumers are interested in green vehicles for practical reasons, not emotional ones, so price is the predominant obstacle to purchase•  Some early adopters could still be attracted by the advanced technology or a new type of driving experience•  Excluding the price issue, it seems that some people not considering green car are not always doing it for “the good reasons” as uncertainty about durability, repairs and battery life are perceived as big obstacles when it should be one of the highlights of electric cars
  19. 19. Key Findings on Mobile Surveys•  Mobile surveys produce rich, qualitative data ready for analysis•  Results correspond to those obtained with other methods •  Consumer Reports National Research Center found 39% of consumers considering green vehicles (Enprecis found 38%)•  Study produced nearly 2000 responses in less than 24 hours•  Different kinds of questions (single-select, multi-select, open text fields) were tested and they all work•  Full demographic data available for all survey responses•  Comments provide deeper insight into consumer opinion•  Enprecis will continue to run monthly mobile surveys for market research and client initiatives
  20. 20. Appendix: Respondent Demographics
  21. 21. Respondent Age and Gender Age Gender 5% 2% 16-24 17% 38% 25-34 44% Female 35-44 56% Male 45-54 38% 55+1741 respondents 1671 respondents
  22. 22. Respondent Region Region Pacific 5% South Atlantic 6% 17% 7% East North Central West South Central 7% 17% Middle Atlantic 12% West North Central Mountain 13% 16% East South Central New EnglandPacific: AK, CA, HI, OR, WA South Atlantic: DE, DC, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV East NorthCentral: IL, IN, MI, OH, WI West South Central: AR, LA, OK, TXMiddle Atlantic: NJ, NY, PA West North Central: IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SDMountain: AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT, WYEast South Central: AL, KY, MI, TN New England: CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT1748 respondents
  23. 23. Respondent Employment Employment 1% 4% 2% 1% Employed full time Student 9% Employed part time 10% 46% Unemployed Leave of absence Self-employed/Business Owner/Freelancer 27% Retired Homemaker1762 respondents
  24. 24. Respondent Education Education 4% 3% Completed some college Completed College 7% 29% Completed high school 9% Completed some high school 10% Associates Degree Completed grad school 20% 18% Completed some grad school Less than high school1768 respondents