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Endogenic processes(Michelle Domingo)

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Edited by: Michelle Domingo

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Endogenic processes(Michelle Domingo)

  2. 2. which means “inside” are processes of internal origin It takes place inside the Globe cause things like earthquakes and generation of volcanic activities like volcanic eruption.
  3. 3. GEOLOGIC PROCESSES These are processes that occurs within the earth. geo which means “Earth” Example: earthquakes, volcanic explosion.
  4. 4. EARTHQUAKE refers to the shaking of the earth’s lithosphere. LITHOSPHERE Refers to the land masses of the earth.
  5. 5. DIASTROPHIC PROCESSES Folding and Faulting occur when pressure deep within the lithosphere cause the earth’s surface to buckle, bend and even split apart.
  6. 6. FOLDING Fold mountains occur where the crust is pushed up as plates collide which causes the crust to rise up in folds. Examples: Andes, Himalayas, Juras in Switzerland, Appalachias and Mt. Everest.
  7. 7. FAULTING When the tension and compression associated with plate movement is so great that blocks of rock fracture or break apart.
  8. 8. Heat comes from…
  9. 9. MAGMATISM Is the emplacement of magma within and at the surface of the outer layers of a terrestrial planet, which solidifies as igneous rocks. Is one of the main processes responsible for mountain formation.
  10. 10. Mayon Volcano
  11. 11. VOLCANISM Is the surface expression of magmatism It plays key role in mountain formation
  12. 12. Volcanic Eruption
  13. 13. ROCK CYCLE
  14. 14. IGNEOUS ROCK Rocks made from the cooling and solidifying of molten rocks.
  16. 16. COMPRESSION Compression is a type of stress that causes the rocks to push or squeeze against one another.
  17. 17. TENSION Tension is the opposite compression. Compression forces the rocks and crust to collide and move together; tension forces the rocks to pull apart.
  18. 18. SHEAR When shear stress occurs, the force of the stress pushes some of the crust in different direction.
  19. 19. THANK YOU!!!