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muse social slides


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muse social

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muse social slides

  1. 1. Welcome to “What Do We Really Know about Social Media in Museums?” Our outcomes:• Educate ourselves and the community about the state of social media practice in museums• Continue #musesocial conversations and work together to create a supportive and nurturing community in which to address social media issues.• Identify ways to help professionals speak to colleagues and leadership about social strategies and help to advance the practice in museums.• Document our discussion today and draw out some key points in a post summary.• Discuss next steps and include those in our postsummary.
  2. 2. Audiences vs. Communities• [insert questions here]
  3. 3. Learning • For now, learning = change in knowledge, behavior, attitude, engagement/interes t, or skills. • Does learning on SM look or sound different than it does in other museum environments? • Do SM followers want to learn? Followers sometimes say they want to be surprised, delighted, amused. How does this relate to learning? • Does learning happen within SM itself or does it only occur once a link has been clicked? • Can SM spark a change in skills or behavior—or are we limited at an “increase of knowledge” level? From "museum consumers" • Howwith museums on social @SometimesRhymes & @veomega: SMI want SM delighted by myinteractions do we know if we achieved learning great when it gets visitors to try new outcomes @richmintzmedia #musesocial - on SM? things, not just stare @ screen. #musesocial - @museums365
  4. 4. A new way to measure learning on social media: L LURNINGTop secret algorithm: This day in history tweet+ link to collections on FB+ learning outcome approved by education dept+ curatorial review+ PR dept signs off- cute cat photo that lack relevant connection to museum mission+ cat photo deeply related to museum mission No kitty curator tweets today. Sleeping in a basket of clean laundry./ number of followers= Lurning per capita score (LPC score) is 82 Pandasonian @Pandasonian Gave you L+ in social media learning
  5. 5. Who should speak on behalf of museums?• Do our audiences want to hear from more people? (Friend a building?)• Is there a desire by more staff to participate in the museums social media outreach? If not everyone, who has the "right stuff" to participate in social media? What should the criteria be?• Are the biggest challenges in recruiting more voices for social media culture, policy, resource, perceived value, education, training?• Could resource constraints be reduced through greater participation from more staff?• What organizational culture shifts that need to occur for more to participate in social media?
  6. 6. We can’t let *everyone* speak on behalf of the museum via social media. Pandasonian @Pandasonian You wouldn’t believe what they made me eat today. Think I might hurl on a tourist. Cheap food. Pandasonian @Pandasonian Woot, my girlfriend is knocked up! Wait, was I not supposed to share that yet? Pandasonian @Pandasonian So many people taking my photo. Does this new landscaping make me look fat? Pandasonian @Pandasonian My poop on Instagram:
  7. 7. Metrics• [questions]
  8. 8. Having lots of followers doesn’t indicate success! #justsayin!