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Executing value creation plans to maximize returns - 1 minute recap


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This slide deck was designed to accompany a video webcast that included an interactive discussion by a moderator and three panelists. To view that webcast, please go to:

Executing value creation plans to maximize returns
Hosted by Ernst & Young LLP Transaction Advisory Services

Publication date: Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Leading private equity firms are maximizing investment returns by developing value creation insights before making a purchase, and executing a value creation plan from the beginning of the holding period through to exit.

Companies that faithfully execute their value creation plans throughout the investment lifecycle can enhance returns and outperform their peer group when they sell.

A panel of Ernst & Young LLP professionals and special guests discussed:

Value creation drivers
Possible steps for maximizing returns at exit

You are welcome to join the on-demand version of this interactive discussion by going to:
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