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EY CFO study: Partnering for performance

Our latest #EY CFO study, Partnering for performance Part 5: the CFO and the chief executive officer (CEO), examines how the CFO’s relationship with their CEO has changed, and joint commitments required to strengthen their alliance. The study is based on a survey of 652 CFOs and interviews with CFOs and CEOs, and covers how leading CFOs and CEOs are partnering together on digital, M&A decisions, performance measurement and operating model redesign. To learn more visit:

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EY CFO study: Partnering for performance

  1. 1. Partnering for performance: the CFO and the chief B""‘""‘’ a hem" executive officer working world CFOs and CEOs are working toward a stratec, -ic gueitnershiga Top three drivers of collaboration: New growth opportunities lo the last report greater three Years‘ collaboration Chan es , the in Strgtegy New products and services say they have increased their involvement in corporate strategy But challenges to an effective alliance remain Cost management is the CFO's main contribution to J collaboration with the CEO CFOs perceive significant relationship barriers with the CEO Top two Top two CFO contributions f relationship barriers '_r_. Managing costs L} 2:. Organizational boundaries 2 Setting budgets 2 Lack of demand from CEO 1 ex for insight from finance If into strategic issues , ! 4% . :z>, .j. , . ~ ‘-if ‘ T’ 159%‘ )5“) Ti'L-steci allies“ 652 Ci-‘Os tell us how to strengthen the CFO-CEO alliance ”". j-_ v(olnlr| lT?2rrl= ~It]3 "lit: 7:3’ ‘*4-lttlrtltfirrlittt? the right strategic the organizational skills and mindset boundaries that CFOs still perceive as barriers a finance function with the the contribution right balance of skills to give they ask of their CFOs finance leaders the breathing space to step away from the detail The view from the CFO's office: The view from the CEO’s office: “The relationship must be one of mutual respect and trust. " Kathy Waller Executive Vice President and CFO, The Coca-Cola Company “You cannot afford to just have a numbers guy next to you. You need someone who has the awareness of where the market and competition is heading. " Costas Charitou CEO, Lanitis Group of Companies © 2015 EYGM Limited. All Rights Reserved. ED None. EYG no. DKO116.