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Google search tips


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Google search tips

  1. 1. Google SearchA few tips and tricks to search betterEllen Robertson, facilitator
  2. 2. exact phrase “ ”
  3. 3. Exclude words -
  4. 4. similar words ~
  5. 5. multiple words OR
  6. 6. numerical ranges …
  7. 7. define:
  8. 8. site:
  9. 9. link:
  10. 10. calculations
  11. 11. conversions
  12. 12. filetype:What it does:returns files of a specific typeWhat to type:filetype:pdfgoogle search tipWhat you’ll get:great handouts!Use with these filetypes: dpf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx,txt, csv, .mov
  13. 13. Searching by content
  14. 14. Search by Reading Level Click “search tools” at the top of a search results page Click reading level Filter according to your student needs
  15. 15. Image searchesYou can search for images and then further filteryour search to find: Similar color images Different size images, different type images (clip art, photo, drawing, etc.)images from specific time periods