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Lincoln pd agenda


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Lincoln agenda 2013

Published in: Education
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Lincoln pd agenda

  1. 1. Lincoln Public Schools Implementing EasyTech and 21st Century Skills Assessment August 21-22, 2013 Lincoln Public Schools / Lincoln HS Ellen Robertson, facilitator
  2. 2. • Help build student and educator digital literacy skills • Utilize resources to build digital literacy and utilize classroom hardware • Provide a platform to prepare for 2014-15 common standards/assessments • Share best lessons and resources from within and outside Lincoln PS Lincoln Public Schools Objectives
  3. 3. • By the end of the session… 1. Describe K-8 digital literacy curricula and components 2. Create an activity, journal or weblink that teaches an essential question, common core standard(s) and share with other Lincoln educators Lincoln Public Schools Deliverables
  4. 4. • NETS-S and NETS-T standards • Why address NETS-S and NETS-T? • How do we respond? (EasyTech/ digital learning environment) Lincoln Public Schools Part One: Build Digital Literacy
  5. 5. • Overview of EasyTech – Sample student experience – Review content/units/alignment • Key “three-step”: 1. Create a class 2. Enroll students 3. Assign curriculum Lincoln Public Schools Part One: Build Digital Literacy
  6. 6. • Model: – How to search by category, standard, and keyword – How to create a journal, activity, or weblink Lincoln Public Schools Part Two: Marketplace / My Curriculum
  7. 7. • Immersion: – Search the marketplace, the web and your own resources and use the digital learning environment to create a journal, weblink, or activity to teach an essential question, common core standard(s), or project. – Include the following keywords in your journal, activity, or weblink: <Last name>, LincolnPS, <grade level>, <subject area>, other – Be prepared to share what you create with others during the last thirty minutes of our session Lincoln Public Schools Part Two: Marketplace / My Curriculum
  8. 8. • Share Projects • Evaluation – Help / Implementation Resources / PDWorkshops / Onsite Training Survey • What are… – 3 things you learned today? – 2 critical things to remember? – 1 question that didn’t get answered? Lincoln Public Schools Closure
  9. 9. • Sample 21st Century Skills Assessment • Sample Common Core Assessment Items( PARCC) • Sample Journal activity within (Fitness Journal) Presentation Title Example links