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Secondary tech subscriptions


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For 6th and 7th grade teams---summaries of district subscriptions

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Secondary tech subscriptions

  1. 1. Deer Park Tech Subscriptions 2012-2013 Resources for Secondary Teachers and Students Ellen Robertson, PD facilitator
  2. 2. How Do I Get There? For now, use the addresses and username and password convention CONFIDENTIAL handout sent via email last October. A new one is being developed now and will be sent in the next few weeks
  3. 3. What if there are log-in issues? Call the IT Help Desk at 274-4380 with your info!
  4. 4. What if I need help in understanding how to use the subscription? Your Computer TA may be the first line of defense Is there a colleague already using the subscription? Use the Tech Integration Help Request Form:
  5. 5. What can they do for me or my students?Take a look at these summaries and note how they might fit in with your curriculum……..
  6. 6. Discovery Education THOUSANDS of curriculum related videos searchable by standards Middle School Science activities, interactives, reading materials and assessments Set up your classes and assign materials/activities/quizes
  7. 7. BrainPop and BrainPop ESL Animated curricular content Aligned to Common Core--- searchable by standards movies, quizzes, games, mobile apps, experiments, activity pages, See the BrainPop tour and BrainPop ESL
  8. 8. Castle Learning web-based review, testing, and assessment tools for teachers and students in the areas of Math, Social Studies, Science, English, and Foreign Languages All resources aligned to common core Create assessments from huge database of questions Instant grading and reporting to drive instruction State testing prep resources
  9. 9. Deer Park Google Apps COLLABORATION tools for teachers and students: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, website development, calendars Keep all your files in the “cloud” and access from anywhere Extremely useful for group projects and accounting for student progress
  10. 10. Enchanted Learning 30,000 web pages of content viewable by topic Find curricular info on site index New topics added daily
  11. 11. Voicethread Interactive, multimedia “slideshow” that holds images, documents, videos that can be commented on by whomever you allow, through typing, microphone, webcam. What does a Voicethread look like? A student produced Voicethread See how to make a Voicethread in 1 minute
  12. 12. Wikispaces Tool to EASILY create COLLABORATIVE websites by teachers and/or students Used in MANY different ways: study guides, vocabulary lists, research projects, travelogues, field trip synopsis, class FAQ’s, class newspapers, Many more ideas for using a wiki
  13. 13. Will these tools be useful to you and your students? Will any ENGAGE your students in a topic more than in a past way? Will any make your practice easier/more efficient so that you can concentrate on other things? Will any help you to integrate both technology and Common Core Standards into your practice? Where do you go from here? Do you need support? In which subscriptions are you most interested?