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Farm animals

Relationships between animals and people.

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Farm animals

  1. 1. FARM ANIMALS Let´s study: ● Name ● Sound ● Uses
  2. 2. COW ●Name: COW ●Cows moo ●Sound: “MOO MOO...” ●We drink their MILK ●We eat their MEAT ●We use their LEATHER
  3. 3. PIG ●Name: PIG ●Pigs grunt ●Sound: “OINK, OINK...” ●We eat their MEAT
  4. 4. SHEEP ●Name: SHEEP ●Sheeps bleat ●Sound: “BAA, BAA...” ●We drink their MILK ●We eat their MEAT ●We use their WOOL
  5. 5. HEN ●Name: HEN ●Hens cluck ●Sound: “CLUCK, CLUCK …” ●We eat their EGGS ●We eat their MEAT ●We use their FEATHERS
  6. 6. DOG ●Name: DOG ●Dogs bark ●Sound: “WOOF, WOOF…” ●Dogs care for the cattle, are good pets and keep intruders off.
  7. 7. CAT ●Name: CAT ●Cats miaow ●Sound: “MIAOW, MIAOW” ●Cats are good pets and Keep mince off.