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Erika sollars web strategy project


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MKT 462- Professor Cowley- Web Strategy Assignment

Published in: Marketing
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Erika sollars web strategy project

  2. 2. Good news! GoPro is doing well.  GoPro’s website receives an “A” overall  On-Page, Off-Page, and Conversion Optimization all being utilized effectively  Best practices recognized except for certain aspects that might be related to marketing strategy preferences
  3. 3. Positive Highlights: On-Page Optimization Crawlability and Technical Performance  Brand name is highly searchable  301 directs are being used  All pages are close to home  Site is indexed accurately Relevance  Us of key words in URLs  Title tag uniqueness, keyword usage, length, and meta descriptions where needed  Includes a variety of calls to action prompting searchers to visit the site  Only links to other good sites
  4. 4. Positive Highlights: Off-Page Optimization  Popularity  Conversion  Clear navigation  Contact information easy to find  Homepage clearly and quickly what the website and business is about Total Backlinks (Domain) Total Linking Root Domains Linking C- Blocks Domain Authority Alexa Global Rank Compete Rank 236,958 30 2,526 87 3,271 827,811
  5. 5. DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS: MARKET AUDIT  GoPro’s Top Three Competitors Sony Action Camera Canon Action Camera Polaroid Action Camera
  6. 6. Market Keyword Trends The following terms are of much interest to GoPro, as seen in the Google Trends Chart:  Action Camera  Waterproof Camera  Waterproof Digital Camera
  7. 7. A SMALL RED FLAG  GoPro does not come up on any of the first few pages if you Google search the term “Action Camera”  Is this GoPro’s attempt to avoid being branded as only an “Action Camera” company?  Are they being too brand centric and missing out on a sector of the market?  Or, are they fighting to not limit themselves?
  8. 8. Competitive Search Trends  GoPro needs to continuously monitor the competition  Highly recognizable brand names such as Sony have the potential to steal a large percentage of GoPro’s market share
  9. 9. Grades  Crawlability: A-  Relevance: B  Popularity: A  Conversion: A
  10. 10. On-Page Optimization  CRAWLABILITY/TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE: A- There is some room for improvement…  No Robots.txt found, links to XML sitemap  No HTML sitemap found However…  Site uses Google Analytics, Google & Bing Webmaster Tools well  Intruiging 404 Page
  11. 11. On-Page Optimization  RELEVANCE: B  This section requires the most attention!  GoPro is looking to broaden their target market by not limiting themselves by referring to their products as “Action Cameras”  But simultaneously, they are missing out on a huge sector of the market  GoPro needs to utilize keywords or descriptions to ensure they come up under the right searches  Additionally, some of their pages could use more description and less images
  12. 12. Off-Page Optimization  POPULARITY: A  These rankings were evaluated using GoPro’s main product page and similar competitor’s product pages  Some of the URLs did not even work on
  13. 13. Conversion Optimization  Conversion: A  Site sticks to best practices  Mobile site is accessible  All of the forms work properly  Could potentially benefit from further trust signals outside of using consumers own videos to advertise as well as social media platforms
  14. 14. External Focus  Website popularity  Website is overall attractive and eye catching with the right content for the brand  Competitive analysis  GoPro needs to remember the market is very competitive and that strong brands such as Sony, Canon, and Polaroid are capable of dominating
  15. 15. Internal Focus  Crawlability and Relevance  We recommend creating an HTML sitemap that looks like the rest of the site and has links to all of the site's major pages  There needs to be a robots.txt file  The file should deindex pages of the site that shouldn't appear in search. It should also contain a line that points to the XML sitemap
  16. 16. SWOT Analysis
  17. 17. Recommendations- Now  Use more keywords!  The term “Action Camera” is currently underutilized  More product descriptions  If they are going to be “Brand Centric”, then the website needs more detailed Brand Description on the Website EXAMPLE: “GoPro is the world’s leading activity image-capture company. They defined a new marketplace with an innovative line of small, rugged, weatherproof cameras that let anyone capture and share their adventures. Now available in over 50 countries through major retailers, like Best Buy, they continue to push the boundaries of wearable, gear-mounted cameras and accessories.”
  18. 18. Recommendations- Soon  Fix the support pages as well as the international and world distributor links
  19. 19. Recommendations- For the Future  Stay in touch with the competition!  Promote your products as well as your brand!  Possibly reduce the amount of images and videos on the home page  It is somewhat overdone or overwhelming
  20. 20. This is your company. Be a HERO. Call TODAY to learn more! Erika Sollars (480) 735-9914 Cowley Marketing Consultants
  21. 21. Let us help you succeed!