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Holdem Genius poker calculator review, get it here


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Holdem Genius poker calculator review, get it here

  1. 1. HoldEm Genius - Poker Calculator ReviewThe recent explosion of online poker has led to an enormous numberof people playing the game, now more than half these people areuntalented, undisciplined, and lack the fundamental skills to succeedin No Limit Texas Holdem. So what does this tell YOU, there is a vastamount of money up for grabs in the world of online poker, all youhave to do is know how to get it. One tool that can help you gain acompetitive advantage over your opponents and help you label thefish in online poker is HoldEm Genius. This particular tool is a PokerOdds Calculator and features advanced odds calculation, includingpot odds, immediate outs, and up to the minute instant betting advice.If you are a dedicated online poker player than you will know that weare always looking for ways to improve our game strategies, and gaina competitive edge over our competition, HoldEm Genius could proveto be a very useful tool; hence I am going to write a quick review andlet you judge for yourself if this tool could help improve your game.HoldEm Genius is a comprehensive, easy to use poker odds calculatorwhich analyses pot odds, hand odds and other factors to instantlydetermine whether a hand is worth playing. Along with offering Oddsit also offers advice on what the player should do in the hand e.g.check or bet, this can be a great way for a complete novice to learnthe game. With an easy to understand interface and varying scaledepending on your style of play, HoldEm Genius is both adaptive andcan be extremely useful for any online poker player.
  2. 2. HoldEm Genius automatically attaches itself to any open poker roomand begins to calculate as soon as you are dealt a hand. A greatfeature available to Hold Em Genius is that you can play multipletables while having the program running, I have used it on as manyas four different tables at once and Im sure it can be used on manymore simultaneously, however, I would recommend to use it on amaximum of three as it can get pretty confusing. As previously stated,HoldEm Genius is very easy to use because the program attachesitself to border of the window of the poker room you are using.Therefore, all the information you need is accessible in one windowwithout the need to toggle between the software and the poker room.The information is laid out in easy to read tables and therecommended action (i.e fold, check or bet/raise) is placed in thecentre of the screen making it as easy as possible to use the softwarewithout obscuring the view or interfering with the poker room.The "Game Info" window summarizes all the relevant data neededfor you. Aside from your current hand and Holdem Geniuss latestadvice, you can see your hand rank, position in relation to the button,and the number of opponents in (and folded).
  3. 3. Additionally, you can see the latest calculated odds for winning at theriver, the current pot size, and call amount, if any. If the current stateof the hand is pre-flop, you will also see the % chance you will flopthe best hand. If the game is post-flop, you will see your % chance ofdrawing out (drawing cards that will give you the best hand). Notethat if you already hold a very good hand, your % chance of drawingout may be very low (because you wont need to draw to win).Finally, this window will give you pot odds. Pre-flop, the pot odds areshown in comparison to your odds of having the "top flop" (besthand on the flop). Post-flop, pot odds are compared to your odds ofdrawing out, and after the river, they are compared to your odds ofholding the best hand. In each case, you will either see a color coded"Favorable", "Even", or "Not Good".A few features unique and exclusive to HoldEm Genius are the NextCard... window and the Top Hands window. The "Next Card"window gives your "simple outs" at a quick glance. If you are onecard away from a straight, for example, you can see this instantly.The Top Hands feature displays the top 25 hole cards for the handbeing played. The display updates as the hand continues. Thus - iftwo threes flop, the top hole hand is 3,3. Useful, in practice the TopHand window is most useful when a robust flop occurs and you thinkyouve got the nuts, and you’re not quite sure.
  4. 4. Some of the other capabilities that HoldEm Genius comprises arethat, the program has the ability to advise the player if they areholding the nuts, along with what hands might beat this hand andwhat the odds are of making a hand such as a straight or a flush atthe river. Hold Em Genius is also capable of being customized to aplayer’s style. This means it can be adjusted for aggressive, loose ortight play as many poker players use different types of playdepending on how the other players at the table are playing.
  5. 5. In conclusion HoldEm Genius is a great piece of software that canbenefit any poker player, whether they may be a novice or a seasonedpro. It earns high regards for covering the essentials of online pokerodds calculators and it offers some unique extras. If you’re interestedin - top hands or drawing out odds than Hold Em Genius is for you, itis the only Odds Calculator I am aware of that offers these metrics. Inaddition - Holdem Genius places hand probability right on the pokertable and you can play multiple tables at once while using thesoftware. The best thing about HoldEm Genius is that you can get itfor FREE, all you have to do is to sign-up to an online poker room ofyour choice through their website , seems like a good deal whenplaying poker is the whole purpose of using the tool. Try it, and if youdon’t like it you haven’t lost anything.Click Here to Claim Your FREE License Of Hold Em Genius