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WhatsApp in Customer Service


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Trends and market insights on how WhatsApp is used as a succesful customer service channel.

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WhatsApp in Customer Service

  2. 2. | Estelle Wienk | WhatsApp in Customer Service 2 FACTS → 1 billion active users worldwide. → 67% is under 35 years old and is an active user of other social media channels. → 57% uses WhatsApp more than once a day. → 2014: Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion. → Beginning of 2015: WhatsApp VOIP.
  3. 3. | Estelle Wienk | WhatsApp in Customer Service 3 WHATSAPP & FACEBOOK Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, and now slowely reveils it‘s plans on how to monitize it: let businesses pay for communicating with customers through rich content like click-to- buy, tracking parcels and making reservations. As customers get used to this type of communication with businesses, they will become more dependent on this contact channel. Facebook is now focussing on developping Messenger for Business, a platform worth paying attention too. KLM, Zulily and Everlane, amoungst others, have already started using this for customer service.
  4. 4. | Estelle Wienk | WhatsApp in Customer Service 4 IM MORE POPULAR THAN SOCIAL MEDIA? Mobile messaging is the fastest growing and most predominant digital vehicle. Private instant messengers, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, are therefore expected to increase significantly in popularity to contact companies, as an alternative to public communication via social media.
  5. 5. | Estelle Wienk | WhatsApp in Customer Service 5 ARVATO PILOT: IS WHATSAPP A SUITABLE CONTACT CHANNEL? To test if WhatsApp is a suitable contact channel, we invited our employees to ask questions to our Management Team, via WhatsApp. In addition, employees could also report any defects such as a broken toilet to our Facilities department. LEARNINGS → Expectation management: When are you online? What is the expected response time? → Privacy: both your profile picture and telephone number are visible. For some, this is a reason not to use WhatsApp as a contact channel.
  6. 6. » arvato pilot - ideal response time? Within 5 – 15 minutes 23% Within 15 – 30 minutes 22%Within 30 minutes - 1 hour 17% Within 1 hour – 2 hours 12% Within 4 hours – 8 hours 14% Within 24 hours 12% | Estelle Wienk | WhatsApp in Customer Service 6  Dutch respondents Within 5 – 15 minutes 9% Within 15 – 30 minutes 35% Within 30 minutes - 1 hour 26% Within 1 hour – 2 hours 22% Within 4 hours – 8 hours 4% Within 24 hours 4%  English respondents
  7. 7. Market insights | Estelle Wienk | WhatsApp in Customer Service 7 COMPANIES USING WHATSAPP FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE
  8. 8. Experiences from pioneers: | Estelle Wienk | WhatsApp in Customer Service 8 E-COMMERCE: “When a friend apps you, you also expect a quick response. If he is online and doesn’t respond within two minutes, that’s weird. We are always online and respond seven days a week from eight in the morning till midnight. We want to commit to that expectation.” FASHION E-TAILER: “The first results are positive. We get almost exclusively positive feedback from our customers, resulting in a high customer satisfaction score. Besides that, our employees see real added value in their contact with our customers. The NPS is higher than any other channel.” NICK LENTEN, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER JAN PIETER HONKOOP, MANAGER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TRAVEL INDUSTRY: “We are continuously working on improving information and service to passengers, to make their journey as comfortable as possible. Our passengers really appreciate fast and easy access to support, and WhatsApp offers this.” VERA HOOGENDOORN, MANAGER CONTRACT, SAFETY & INFORMATION MANAGEMENT TRANSPORT: “WhatsApp is more personal than social media. We get much closer to our customers in these conversations. On top of that, you reach a new, larger target group: people that watched your social media, but did not participate. They would rather communicate in private. Tip: clearly state that you only use the telephone numbers for WhatsApp and nothing else.” MARCO LANGENDAM, COMMUNICATION & ONLINE MEDIA
  9. 9. | Estelle Wienk | WhatsApp in Customer Service 9 CASE: AMSTERDAM AIRPORT SCHIPHOL arvato and Schiphol offer customer service via WhatsApp since the beginning of August 2015. WhatsApp service is integrated into the Schiphol Customer Contact Center. Learnings: • Set clear targets to measure success, for example interaction growth and customer satisfaction. • Start small, roll-out in phases to manage volumes and resources.
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention! | Estelle Wienk | WhatsApp in Customer Service 10 Contact: Estelle Wienk| arvato CRM Solutions|