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"The New Gold Rush: Opportunities in Mobile Gaming" by Richard Bown, Founder, Xyglo Mobile Gaming

Rebooting the EU App Economy / Fraunhofer HHI, Berlin, Germany / 13th November 2013

Richard Bown, Founder, Xyglo Mobile Gaming

"The New Gold Rush: Opportunities in Mobile Gaming"

Richard Bown is an IT consultant and entrepreneur in enterprise software development and product development. With his latest venture, Xyglo, he started by taking a careful look at the mobile games development market before jumping in with both feet. Xyglo has just published their first game for mobile – Mote Wars. This talk will bring together his experiences from the last two years of mobile game development and where he thinks the area is headed.

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"The New Gold Rush: Opportunities in Mobile Gaming" by Richard Bown, Founder, Xyglo Mobile Gaming

  1. 1. THE NEW GOLD RUSH Richard Bown Founder @ Opportunities in Mobile Gaming
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Introduction & background Competing in the gaming industry Solutions & examples
  4. 4. MOBILE GAME MARKET $30bn in 2012 = approx. 50% global market $50bn in 2016 = approx. 60% global market Fragmenting market - mobile/tablet - mobile/online subscription MMO - console - casual gaming/gambling Various Sources (NPD, iResearch and Digi-Capital)
  5. 5. MOBILE & TABLET GROWTH Tablet Growth > 50% in 2013 (Gartner) 1 Billion Smartphones to ship in 2013 (IDC)
  6. 6. MARKET SUMMARY Attractive market Fragmentation of market makes it complex App development is complex and expensive (despite “low barriers to entry”)
  7. 7. BIG HITS
  8. 8. BIG NUMBERS Angry Birds was a low cost hit ($70k) GTA V budget was $265m Candy Crush approx. $30m/month revenues
  9. 9. DEFINING A PLAN FOR SUCCESS Mobile game business is still a business Focus on your motivation for starting the business and keep referring to it Explore opportunities (platforms, languages, IP) Enjoy the process
  10. 10. MOTIVATION More and more people enjoy playing games through mobile Fast moving business (instant feedback) Customers who actually pay send a big message
  11. 11. PLANNING In-house or off-shore? Budget, timescales and funding Defining your target market Software development practices
  12. 12. MONETISATION MODEL Free or Paid Adverts - Network? Integrator? Plugins? Freemium
  13. 13. MARKETING AND COMPETING Pricing Testing and promotions Social media (presence and integration) Age appropriate model (new regulations)
  14. 14. LOCALISATION Languages (Naming, Audio,Video) Text translations App stores
  15. 15. EXECUTION Design Development Testing Analytics and Bug reporting
  16. 16. MIDDLEWARE
  17. 17. XYGLO MODEL Evolved rather than planned based on experience XNA/C# Editor ("Friendlier”) Brazil Framework Unity3D Android, iOS, Windows Store
  18. 18. MOTEWARS Retro sci-fi look and feel Ages 6 - Adult Simple, progressive gameplay Admob (lite) & Ad free paid version - may change
  19. 19. MOTEWARS
  20. 20. MOTEWARS DESIGN Simple graphics Reusable engine Seasonal variations/new games growth
  21. 21. XYGLO FUTURE Improve MoteWars (stores, languages, gameplay) Examine Friendlier/Urho3D/middleware possibilities More platforms (Windows, Blackberry, HTML5, Facebook) More interfaces (Kinect, Leap) More games
  22. 22. THANKS! Richard Bown @xyglo