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Telesales in bound call evaluation process - tracking sales behaviours


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Telesales in bound call evaluation process

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Telesales in bound call evaluation process - tracking sales behaviours

  1. 1. In-bound Sales Call - Assessment Sheet (Designed By D Malon Employee Name: Call Type: Start of Call 1 Professional greeting (including name exchanges) 2 Established Interest at start of call 2 Permission to ask questions & proceed with agenda 3 Mentioning of data protection / compliance issues Establish Customer Needs 4 Questions on application for internal assessment 5 Questions to understand the customer motivations 6 Questions to establish purchasing criteria 7 Questions to establish time frame doing business 8 Summarising understanding of issues at end of questions Presenting Your Solution 9 Presentation highlights the priorities of the customer11 Were appropriate examples from customer world used12 Was the presentatuin two way13 Did the seller offer a choice of policies where possible14 Were continuation questions used to get customer opinion of offering E is for Exposing and Overcoming Objections15 Listen to customer without interrupting16 Acknowledging the customer issue / misunderstanding17 Clarify the issue by asking a question about it18 Expose and overcome the issue Close with a Commitment19 Asked for the business / next step20 Telling the customer what will happen next21 Agree times, responsibilities and dates for follow ups22 Take advantage of any upselling / cross selling opportunity23 Give free contact details & thank them Telephone Seller comments Scoring System 19 points plus 17 Points plus 14 Points Plus 10 Points or less
  2. 2. (Designed By D Malone & C Morris - Completed by Name Date Example / Evidence Was this stated confidently & professionally? What prompted your call today So as I can work out how I can best help you may I ask some questions please Compliance specific issues As per your on screen application form Example: What is causing you to consider upgrading at present? Example: What are the top three things you want from this purchase? When do you need to have this service in place? "So what your saying is " So based on the priorities you gave me I suggest you consider product ABC for the following reasons You mentioned earlier you often have to ... Well with this feature you will be able to ....... . How does that sound to you? The two options you should consider are (If appropriate) E.G. "How is that?" "Is that along the lines ?" Example: Excess Self explainitory "You have a concern about the price Mr Jones How familiar are you with the differences between this product and the previous one you had last year? Whell for an additional €30 we can ... (Example of dialogue) Based on our conversation it sounds like you like the look of this product? So the next step is . *Without jepordising the core sale