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A Spotify Presentation - Case studies

The presentation Spotify gave to the Remarkable group. Includes some user demographics and case studies. Information accurate in October 2011.

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A Spotify Presentation - Case studies

  1. 1. Remarkable Group An Introduction to Spotify 11th October 2011Thursday, 13 October 11
  2. 2. Agenda What is Spotify? New Features Spotify is Social Listening - How & Who? Spotify & the Advertiser Formats Beyond the Ad SummaryThursday, 13 October 11
  3. 3. Spotify is... On-demand streaming music service Music is instant, simple and free Free, subscription and mp3 100% Legal All the music, all the timeThursday, 13 October 11
  4. 4. Spotify is a World Of Music... Functionality Discovery Mobility Search Related Artists Use anywhere Import Local Files Artist Radio Mobile Music Playlists Biographies Offline ModeThursday, 13 October 11
  5. 5. Spotify is a World Of Music... • A music ecosystem for everyone • 15+ million songs • Social - Hard-coded integration of Facebook • Mobile - Android, iPhone, Nokia OS, Windows 7, Palm • Multi-platform - Sonos, Logitech, Onkyo, Shazaam, all iPods. • ISP partnerships - Telia (SE), Virgin Media (UK) • No network ads - Spotify is a brand engagement platformThursday, 13 October 11
  6. 6. Spotify says hello to the iPod... Manage your iPod in Spotify! For the first time, seamlessly manage any iPod classic, iPod nano and iPod shuffle in Spotify. The all-new Spotify download service! By introducing a range of MP3 bundles, we’ve been able to offer you some of the most competitive prices available - from as little as 50p per song. Spotify Mobile app now available to all! Everyone can download the Spotify Mobile iPhone & Android apps to wirelessly sync your MP3 playlists in Spotify from your computer to your phone.Thursday, 13 October 11
  7. 7. Spotify is Social Your Friends Your Facebook Your Profile Yo ur Playlists.. Your Inbox ..CollaborativeThursday, 13 October 11
  8. 8. Spotify is Social 8 We’ve gone from a product built around content to... "The new version of Spotify is really pretty amazing – it shifted the experience so now you connect with your Facebook account to see what all your friends are listening to and all the different music they like and subscribe to. It adds a new element on top of the experience and almost makes it a completely different experience. Im using it so much more." Mark Zuckerberg, London, Monday 21 June 2010 "a product built around people"Thursday, 13 October 11
  9. 9. Music is getting more social, thanks to Spotify and Facebook. When Spotify fans use our Facebook features, they listen to and discover more music. Facebook connected users: • have twice as many playlists in their libraries • listen to 38% more streamsThursday, 13 October 11
  10. 10. Spotify and Facebook... now we’re getting even friendlier. A new Spotify Music Dashboard app within Facebook will mean that people can discover music like never before.Thursday, 13 October 11
  11. 11. Key features The new Dashboard will contain an overview of friends’ top tracks and playlists. The Ticker Feed stories This will display, in real This will show what time, what music music friends have been friends are listening to. recently enjoying. For example - “Joseph and Kat both listened to Bon Iver on Spotify”. Users can then click and listen. Artist pages Installation From here, users can All Spotify music posts access entire will have a Play button. discographies and Clicking this button will see/play the most start that song or album popular tracks in Spotify. If they are not a amongst all users and Spotify user they can their friends. choose to sign up there and then.Thursday, 13 October 11
  12. 12. Spotify Music Lovers can now... fight against piracy: reaching more people gives more people legal alternative get personal recommendations for new music based on your/your friends’ likes support new artists - new opportunities for musicians now that fans can listen to their music search for music on Facebook instantly sign in via Facebook choose not to share discover and share more music than ever before through friends link from Facebook to the Spotify download store to purchaseThursday, 13 October 11
  13. 13. Spotify Bringing You... • Socialisation • Scale • Engagement • Discovery • CreativityThursday, 13 October 11
  14. 14. The only music player you’ll ever need in one lean green music machine Free streaming allowing for music on demand Choice largest catalogue with over 15 million tracks Discovery through search, related artists, looking at friend playlists Sharing most social user experience available Compatible Devices such as iPods, iPhones & Android means Spotify is now accessible to more users Downloads bundled at competitive prices means being able to complete your playlists on the goThursday, 13 October 11
  15. 15. Listening How & Who?Thursday, 13 October 11
  16. 16. Spotify is available to all...Thursday, 13 October 11
  17. 17. Spotify is loved... 8 Countries 10+ Million UsersThursday, 13 October 11
  18. 18. Hello America, Spotify is here... On launch day alone we logged... 85,198 blog mentions 26,226 news mentions 531,000 tweetsThursday, 13 October 11
  19. 19. Spotify USA coverage 1 Thursday, July 14, 2011 Thursday, July 14 , 2011Thursday, 13 October 11
  20. 20. Spotify is loved... • Spotify users are Passionate and active • 79% of users state that the most common feeling they have when using Spotify is happiness. (Novus 2010) • Spotify is intimate and personal - it’s my music • Music is social - sharing your taste in music with friends has never been easier or more rewarding • 99% are ambassadors of the product and brand!Thursday, 13 October 11
  21. 21. Passionate users extending the Spotify Music Ecosystem 3rd party Spotify user applications on the web • Spotify News Sites • Spotify + collabs • Music Finder Sites & Blogs • Playlist Sharing Sites • Apps: Search & Browser Tools • Automated Playlist Sites • Apps: Remote Controllers • Playlist Converters • Apps: Media Player Addons ... and much more • Spotify URL ToolsThursday, 13 October 11
  22. 22. Spotify is a way of life One hour per day a user will spend on Spotify 80m tracks are played every day on Spotify - thats 500 years worth of music 270m playlists created by users 670,000 new playlists built every day 2m premium subscribers making Spotify the largest music service of its kind 1m Facebook Friends 108,000 Twitter FollowersThursday, 13 October 11
  23. 23. UK Spotify Demographics Spotify User Base: Breakdown by Gender Total UK Spotify Users = 5.6 million (August 2011) 4,000,000" 3,500,000" Spotify User Base: Breakdown by Age 3,000,000" 2,500,000" 2,000,000" 2,000,000" 1,800,000" 1,500,000" 1,600,000" 1,000,000" 500,000" 1,400,000" 0" Male" Female" 1,200,000" 1,000,000" 800,000" 600,000" 31% 400,000" 69% 200,000" 0" 0)14" 15)17" 18)24" 25)29" 30)34" 35)44" 45)54" 55+" ABC1 OtherThursday, 13 October 11
  24. 24. Spotify & The AdvertiserThursday, 13 October 11
  25. 25. Spotify offers Unbeatable TargetingThursday, 13 October 11
  26. 26. Innovative Display Formats Clickable Audio Billboard Display ads Take OverThursday, 13 October 11
  27. 27. Content Engagement Branded Playlists Video Player Advertiser PageThursday, 13 October 11
  28. 28. Innovative Display FormatsThursday, 13 October 11
  29. 29. Clickable Audio: Clipper Tea • Less Clutter - 2-3 mins ads/hr, solus within break • Added Value - 3 for 1 Format (Clickable Cover Art Replacement and text link included) • No ad avoidance - can’t skip or mute • Your brand is a DJ in between the user’s favourite songs • Immediate Call to action - one click to act on offer • Making Audio clickable - genuine ROI & accountabilityThursday, 13 October 11
  30. 30. Display Ads: Carlsberg & H&M • Skyscraper and leaderboard • Impressions only served when user is actively using Spotify • Each impression lasts for 30 seconds - if the user minimizes Spotify, the ad impression pauses • Only one advertiser at a time = 100% share of voice • Clean and uncluttered environment = STANDOUT • Supports externally hosted rich media solutionsThursday, 13 October 11
  31. 31. Billboard: Mango • Screensaver format that appears when the user has been inactive for 5 min. • High impact and high direct response • 2-in-1 format: When activated or clicked, the Billboard transforms to a leaderboard or skyscraperThursday, 13 October 11
  32. 32. What’s New Rectangle: Beyonce Heat & Vodafone • Welcoming user on “What’s New” start page incl. new album releases and Facebook feed. • Impression lasts for entire start page session. • Could be rich media contentThursday, 13 October 11
  33. 33. Home Page Take Over: Nissan & Umbro • The welcome page “What’s New” is the first page the user logs into • 100% Share of Voice,high impact, unavoidable format (sold per day) • Including MPU for video or rich media solution. • Clickable background image. • Allows for effective redesign and brand ownership of SpotifyThursday, 13 October 11
  34. 34. Content Engagement FormatsThursday, 13 October 11
  35. 35. Branded Playlists: TGI Friday’s & Snickers • Share legal music with you target group and they will love you for it! • Playlists branded with logo and copy incl. external links • Appears as normal playlists on Facebook and Twitter feeds in Spotify and external sites for massive viral spreadThursday, 13 October 11
  36. 36. Lightbox Video Player: Tuborg • Lightbox = in-client, on demand video player • Overlay for movie and game trailers or micro sites. • Can drive traffic to another site to book tickets, or promotional site. • Triggered by clicks from the any ad format in Spotify • Allows the user to digest your content within Spotify • Can have a background skinThursday, 13 October 11
  37. 37. Skinned Lightbox: Hot Tub Time Machine Can house data capture mechanicsThursday, 13 October 11
  38. 38. Advertiser Page: Blackberry • A branded, fully owned channel ingested in the Spotify client (Ad-served microsite) • Use Spotify ads to direct the user to your own place in Spotify • Can contain any content you can display on a webpage e.g. videos, clickable images, blogs, news, links, comments, 13 October 11
  39. 39. Beyond the AdThursday, 13 October 11
  40. 40. Music in your Social Media: Berocca1 The user is served all different ads in Spotify encouraging them to send a music ‘Boost’ to their friends with a chance to win two tickets to Rio carnival ...they are driven to the Facebook page 2 where they can upload an upbeat song cherry picked from Spotify’s catalogue which utilises our API4 Finally, they can vote for the songs they think should make it on to the Berocca Boost Ultimate playlist. This Playlist is then promoted back on Spotify in a series of Audio ads 3 ...they can then send their friends a music ‘Boost’ & in doing so enter a competition to win the ticketsThursday, 13 October 11
  41. 41. Original Radio Show: Starbucks Doubleshot Click to listen to one of the shows! • 4 Weeks of Programming for promoting the Starbucks Doubleshot. • 30min talk shows with legal music tracks inside. • Content of the show: Daily "DoubleShot": 2 tracks from one album back to back; 2 tracks from artists who have been in 2 different bands; 2 tracks from amazing duosThursday, 13 October 11
  42. 42. Partnership Events: Nissan (First ever UK live streamed gig on Spotify) • As part of Nissan’s Behind The Hit campaign, we put on a twin branded gig at Camden’s KOKO in April which featured Delphic, The Naked And Famous, La Roux & Pony Pony Run Run • In a UK media first, the event was live streamed into the Spotify Lightbox and secondary, Nissan branded URL • Standard ad formats on Spotify were used to drive users to, where they remixed a La Roux track and applied for free gig tickets. The winner of the remixing competition got in the studio with La Roux and had their remixed track played at the eventThursday, 13 October 11
  43. 43. Volkswagen Driving Confessions • Swedish campaign winning the Epica award. • Huge success - campaign rolling out in more VW markets this year • Great target group insight and way of using API to integrate music and viral spread • Case film - click here!Thursday, 13 October 11
  44. 44. Spotify USPs No Wastage: 100% absolute targeting Less Clutter, More Standout: 3 mins of Audio ads per hour, display served one at a time Immediate Call To Action:1 click to immediately act upon the message Added Value: e.g. Audio 3 formats for 1, Branded Playlists, Advertiser Page No Ad Avoidance: Audio cannot be skipped/Display ads served only when user is active Intimate Medium:121 Messaging in listener’s “Happy Place”, Active/Engaged Listening User Engagement: Advertiser Page, Lightbox Video Player, Beyond the Spot Effective CTR’s: Average display CTR is 0.08%*, our average CTR is 0.5% - 1.5% for Audio ads * According to ComscoreThursday, 13 October 11
  45. 45. Good stuff!Thursday, 13 October 11
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The presentation Spotify gave to the Remarkable group. Includes some user demographics and case studies. Information accurate in October 2011.


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