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Young marriage


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Young marriage

  3. 3. Definition : the formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife.
  4. 4. Statistics
  5. 5. Well- known people whom got married young
  6. 6. Remember him ? The kid from the movie home alone ? Married at age 17 !!!
  7. 7. Advantages of young marriage  • Building and shaping a more positive character • Gain maturity and independence • Aware of responsibilities • Trusting and overcoming challenges as one couple • Have emotional and financial support • Easy to get adjusted with changes.
  8. 8. Cultural influence on young marriage Child marriage in India. In 1900, Rana Prathap Kumari age 12 married Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV age 16. Two years later, he was recognized as the King of Mysore
  9. 9. THE LACK OF COMPROMISING ABILITIES IN EITHIER OF THE PARTNERS - Married couples tend to become busier in life, especially those who are working. - They tend to argue over the time they have for each other and the things that they need to sacrifice - Both the male and female will not give in to make their marriage work. - May lead to a divorce. FIND IT HARD TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER - At a young age the male and female are not mature enough to think what’s best for them to make their marriage last a lifetime. - For example, when the male goes to work and comes home late at night, the female may suspect that the male is having an affair or doing things behind her back, but actually the male is trying his best to find money for the small family. UNBALANCED FINANCIAL STATE - Most young married couples are not working, therefore they tend to get financial help from family and friends. - But, how long are they going to keep asking people for financial help? This issue may cause a big fight between the married couple. MISSING OUT ON TEENAGE LIFE FUN - These young married couples don’t have the chance to really mingle or get to know a new person or friend due to the fact that one may get jealous. - They can’t do regular teenage activities once they have a child.
  10. 10. Some people seem just made for early marriage: Like a fertile field they know their fate. Life comes calling for them in a carriage And takes them to the ornamental gate. There they find their pleasure, rich with love, A place they prune and water till it glows, And there they dwell till death and never move, At least that seems the way it often goes. Actually, such love is dear and rare; Not many can sustain it for so long. The two of you, however, seem to bear The marks of joy that to those few belong. Cross over, then, into that chosen place Where love rules all, and all is full of grace. By Nicholas Gordon
  11. 11. Opinions from worldwide about young marriages
  12. 12. Young marriage is an option. It may bring advantages or disadvantages to different people. It is up to you to think whether it is beneficial or not.
  13. 13. So, what do you think of young marriage? ;)