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Journey through the Silk route


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An awesome, soul searching experience with breathtaking scenery. My travel experience through the Silk route,

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Journey through the Silk route

  1. 1. In 14 DAYS
  2. 2. It Extends about 7000 miles # FACT FILE
  3. 3. It gets its name from traditional Chinese Silk traders # FACT FILE
  4. 4. AND THIS WAS MY TRAVEL ROUTE.. From here i started my journey ! SHANGHAI
  5. 5. ,
  6. 6. Next stop Urumqi ! A bone grilling 48 hours journey from Shanghai, of which all tickets were booked and i got a seating ticket =( But soon I gave up my seat for an old lady standing next to me.
  7. 7. Crawled up in 2 by 4 foot space on a long journey up north- west China. Cannot get any better than this =)
  8. 8. The Journey was filled with amazing scenery. Here the train passing by the . True to its name !
  9. 9. After a stay of one day in Urumqi I was scheduled to take train for Kashghar. Everything was on time I set off for train station an hour before. Arrived at the station but LATE. If it wasn’t for the heavy traffic I would be on my way. And next train is tomorrow. Oops !
  10. 10. Wondering what to do I took out my iphone and searched for a sight seeing destination. And this is the place I found. Thank God I missed that train !
  11. 11. Heavenly Lake
  12. 12. It wasn’t allowed to swim here. But it was irresistible. I jumped the barbed wires for a dip and it was heavenly to its core.
  13. 13. The next day I took train for Kashghar. A 30 hours travel.
  14. 14. . # FACT FILE
  15. 15.  I left Kashgar after a day of stay and took a bus for Tashkurgun. On my way, I made a stop on a place called Lake Karakul.  It was real calm and peaceful there. In the night it was pitch dark and the only thing visible were Moon and Stars.
  16. 16. # FACT FILE Mt. Muztagh Ata is no# 43 on the list of highest mountains.
  17. 17.  From Lake Karakul I had to hire a car for Tashkurgan county.
  18. 18. From Tashkurgan Karakorum highway connected China to Pakistan via Khujerab Pass. I had to take a bus ride to reach Pakistani side of the town called Sost, a scenic 5 hours journey.
  19. 19. Karakorum Highway
  20. 20. # FACT FILE Due to the difficult conditions in which highway was constructed, it is also referred to as the "Eighth Wonder of the World.
  21. 21. Now I reached the Pakistani side of town called Sost. Here I had to go through immigration and customs.
  22. 22. From Sost town I took a van for further travel. But before I reach Hunza Valley I had to cross a lake which took surprising 2 hours to reach the other side. The Lake was called Attabad Lake.
  23. 23. # FACT FILE The Lake was created in January 2010 by a landslide and is up to 20 km long and 100 meters deep.
  24. 24. After I reached Hunza valley. I had to stay there for 2 nights due to landslide resulting in road blockage. The stay was worth it. The place of my stay at Hunza Valley
  25. 25. Hunza
  26. 26. After an 18 hours ride I reached Rawalpindi from here I took a Skyways Bus to Lahore. Pirwadhai Bus Station at RWP
  27. 27. From Lahore I booked my 3 hours flight to Ras-Al-Khaimah, UAE.
  28. 28. My Home…