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Success Story: optimizing Leroy Merlin App


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Discover how Leroy Merlin tested and optimized its mobile app experience with user feedback.

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Success Story: optimizing Leroy Merlin App

  1. 1. Leroy Merlin app optimization +
  2. 2. Their story Created in 1923 in France by Adolphe Leroy and Rose Merlin, Leroy Merlin is today one of the major actor on the home and living environment improvment world market. Specialized in home construction, decoration, gardening, its missions consists of helping people dream and realise their own house. Leroy Merlin is part of Adeo group and its main brand. The company is today engaged in an user-centered ominchannel strategy.
  3. 3. The Challenge In order to be in line with new mobile habits of its users, the mobile team decided to re-build the apps. The challenge was, on the first hand, to understand strenghts and weaknesses of the existing app and, on the other hand, to ensure that choices done for the new app had a positive impact on the users exeperience.
  4. 4. Leroy Merlin team chose to do the following users tests: •  Test of the existing app with 20 users on iOS and Android to know what were the strenghts and weaknesess. •  Test of the new app in-development with 30 users on iOS and 30 users on Android to identify the priority optimizations before launch. The solution Test – App V0 Test – App V1 Development Optimization Launch – App V1 2 80 925 Tests Users Feedback analyzed
  5. 5. Feedback example 1/2
  6. 6. Feedback example 2/2
  7. 7. Feedback analysis Study of test qualitative data: •  Categories with the biggest number of problems indicated by testers are performance (functional), bug (functional), navigation (UX) and fluidity (UX). •  Pages with the biggest number of problems and with the most important criticity are My Account, Good deals and Store locator.
  8. 8. Our recommendations On the basis of those results, Leroy Merlin team decided to go on with the following optimizations: •  Improve the performance and images loading on the homepage and in the product search function. •  Solve the main bugs in the account creation and payment. •  Optimize the stores list when using the search function. •  Fluidify the use of filters to find the good deals. •  Simplify navigation when buying a gift card.
  9. 9. Optimization example 1/2 Before After
  10. 10. Optimization example 2/2 Before After
  11. 11. The results Ferpection Predictive Score (user ratings) has gone from 2,8 to 4,1 following the optimizations done after the users test. Before After
  12. 12. The testimony « The users test with Ferpection allowed us to identify optimizations axis for our app and ensure the success before the launch. Our rating is now 4 in the AppStore and 3.8 on Google Play. » Nicolas Haese Customer Experience and Mobile Business Lead at Leroy Merlin
  13. 13. Thibault Geenen - CEO +33 6 07 86 53 50 Want to see Ferpection in action? Ask for a demo