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            Edinburgh Festivals accessibility web/mobile service – Initial Project Brief v1SummaryDesign and development o...
        •     Festivals Edinburgh will encourage a co-design process including festivals representative(s)             and...
 MORE ABOUT FESTIVALS EDINBURGH AND THE INNOVATION LABFestivals Edinburgh is the high-level organisation, created and driv...
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Edinburgh festivals accessibility digital project brief v1


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Edinburgh festivals accessibility digital project brief v1

  1. 1.   Edinburgh Festivals accessibility web/mobile service – Initial Project Brief v1SummaryDesign and development of a user-centred digital service targeted at attendees of the EdinburghFestivals with accessibility needs. This service will enable such festival visitors to have an improvedand more personalized search experience with regards the primary navigation challenge of theextensive festival listings and the secondary navigation challenge of the physical city. This service isto be piloted for the summer festival period 2012.Project originIn summer 2012 the Edinburgh Festivals held the Edinburgh Festivals Ideas Challenge, the first everpublic competition to source ideas of how to make the festivals even more amazing. The one ideawhich was voted both in the public’s top list and the judge’s top list was related to accessibility.Together with support from the Open Innovation Project/Interreg, Festivals Edinburgh iscommissioning a project in this area to be live this summer.Current SituationThere is a very good provision of diverse Edinburgh Festivals events year-round for people withvarying enablement or accessibility needs and while much accessibility-related information isavailable to someone planning their festival trips, there is currently no means by which to useaccessibility needs as a primary basis for search and planning. And as a festival city which hosts40,000 individual performances in more than 300 venues throughout the year, it is recognised thatby creating a service or suite of services designed specifically around the needs of users withaccessibility issues would improve the visitor experience. A secondary issue is the terrain of the cityitself especially for those visitors with physical impairment and thus there is also a need for improvinginformation related to the most accessible routes between venues.Proposal • Development of a web app (with mobile web version) whose primary functionality provides a creative and highly usable search and discovery interface to the listings of the Edinburgh Festivals for people with accessibility needs. • Application to be able to exist both on a standalone URL (tbc) and as a subdomain of with core functionality embeddable as a widget on third party websites. • Secondary functionality to allow users to assess the most accessible route between two locations in the city. • Where possible the application should be built so as to be extensible to other specific user groups which would benefit from a more specialized search functionality such as parents with young children or non-English speakers.Target AudiencesThe primary audience is users with accessibility needs which include those related to eyesight,hearing and mobility.Goals • Provision of a pilot service for festival visitors with accessibility needs • Understanding of what additional data the festivals could capture to make the festival planning experience better in future yearsRequirements • The site design to include elements of existing Edinburgh Festivals visual identity – these will be provided to the developers. • All elements of the service should accord with high accessibility standards, the specifics of which will be agreed during detailed requirements capture • Collaboration with accessibility user need experts – either a festival project partner (tbc) or expertise within your own network • The summer release of the site to be regarded as a public beta with feedback incorporated into a revised release following the summer • Code for the project to be made available via the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab’s open source github account • Agile or Lean development methodology is preferred
  2. 2.   • Festivals Edinburgh will encourage a co-design process including festivals representative(s) and accessibility expert(s) • Festivals Edinburgh will help convene a user group which are to be engaged with as part of the design/development process • Beta version to include data for seven summer festivals but solution to be able to include all twelve festivals in 2013 • Festivals API to be used as main data input augmented with other sources as necessary • Access Edinburgh is the working title of the project with final name tbc • Definition of accessibility to be as wide as practically possible within the limitations of the project • Appropriate credits including Open Innovation Project/Interreg IV who are a major supporter of the projectProject LeadsThis project is commissioned by Festivals Edinburgh. The day to day project contact will be RohanGunatillake, Lead Producer of the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab.Stakeholders • Festivals Edinburgh • Cross-festival Innovation Working Group • 7 Edinburgh Festivals held in the summer • 5 Edinburgh Festivals held outside of the summer • Accessibility user group • Accessibility stakeholder organisation (tbc)Timelines • Interested parties to respond to this tender by 5pm Friday April 27th • Shortlisted suppliers to be interviewed by phone on May 2nd and 3rd • Supplier chosen by May 8th • Project kick-off and detailed brief agreed by May 11th • Public beta version to be live July 1st 2012 • Revisions based on beta version feedback to be completed by October 31st 2012Project fee • £9,000 (inclusive of expenses and exclusive of VAT)How to respond to this tender/briefInterested suppliers should respond to this brief by emailing Rohan on lab@festivalsedinburgh.comwith the concise responses for the following information by 5pm April 27 th . 1. Name of supplier 2. Contact details 3. URI(s) of portfolio site or relevant live sites delivered 4. Explanation of interest in the project 5. Any relevant background in accessibility-related projects 6. Any relevant background in producing accessible web & mobile sites 7. Potential solution 8. Suggested approach 9. Outline of costing 10. Client reference contact detailsIt is recognised that the project specification requires further outlining. This shall be done incollaboration with the provider so that the solution best matches the successful provider’s expertiseas well as the overall project objectives.Questions regarding the brief should also be sent to
  3. 3.  MORE ABOUT FESTIVALS EDINBURGH AND THE INNOVATION LABFestivals Edinburgh is the high-level organisation, created and driven by the directors ofEdinburgh’s 12 major festivals, to take the lead on their joint strategic development and maintaintheir global competitive edge.Its mission: 1. Act on behalf of and represent the collective strengths of the Edinburgh Festivals; 2. Develop and deliver collaborative projects and initiatives which support growth, product development, leadership and audiences; 3. Help to sustain the Festivals and Edinburgh and Scotland’s pre-eminence as the world’s leading festival destination.Festivals Edinburgh works in a uniquely collaborative way with the Festivals, funding bodies andindustry experts to enable, facilitate and deliver new, significant projects in a number of key strategicareas: joint marketing, programming, fundraising and partnership, technology and innovation,environmental sustainability and professional development.Festivals Edinburgh members: Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival Edinburgh International Book Festival Edinburgh Art Festival Scottish International Storytelling Festival Edinburgh Military Tattoo Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Edinburgh Festival Fringe Edinburgh International Film Festival Edinburgh International Festival Edinburgh International Science Festival Edinburgh Mela Festival Bank of Scotland Imaginate FestivalFestivals Edinburgh is a not-for-profit organisation (created in Oct 2007) and receives income from itsmember festivals, and City of Edinburgh Council, Scottish Government, EventScotland, ScottishEnterprise, Creative Scotland and VisitScotland.The Edinburgh Festivals Innovation LabThe Innovation Lab is a new Festivals Edinburgh initiative and experiment supported by CreativeScotland. Working across all twelve festivals, its mission is to realise the digital potential of theEdinburgh Festivals. The Lab has five key outcomes areas for success: projects, networks,processes, people and learning. Imagine what might happen if we: • discovered and developed brilliant ideas and projects that respond to festival business challenges and opportunities • tapped into exciting networks so the best festival ideas and solutions can come from anywhere and everywhere: festival staff, artists, audiences, technologists and companies • took inspiration from some of the best innovation programmes and processes around to test the ideas, uncover those with the most potential, stretch our thinking and engage with new people • created training and participation opportunities for all festival staff, so that innovative people are at the heart of what we do • and then shared our experience, and all that learning, back to the wider cultural sectorThis is the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation