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Big Issues in Business - Bricks & Clicks - Insights into Retail Trends 2016


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First Retail Group's presentation as part of their strategic partnership with Massey University's Centre for Advanced Retail Studies. Delivered at ASB's The Cube, Auckland Waterfront, November 9, 2016

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Big Issues in Business - Bricks & Clicks - Insights into Retail Trends 2016

  1. 1. The Purposeful Consumer Our audience has changed forever - Time poor & lifestyle conscious - Demand & expect empowerment - Must see the value proposition - Absolute comfort in digital channels
  2. 2. The Retail Landscape Old rules are rarely still relevant - Changing how retailers connect customers - ‘Blended’ relationships are trending - Favouring retailers that differentiate - Digital visibility prioritises success
  3. 3. Retail Property Dynamics Location increasingly influences success - Retailers’ needs are changing - Scale a focus for many chains - Convenience a growing factor - F&B often the new anchor
  4. 4. Omnichannel Stemming spending attrition - Enabled startling successes - Helped provinces & regions fight back - Exerts greater influence on consumer behaviour - Kept retail on-radar with consumers
  5. 5. Where Next? Formulas for success are becoming clear - Experiential retail environments - Stores as lifestyle destinations - Goodwill shared instore & online - Reaching beyond traditional boundaries - Best practice within reach
  6. 6. THANK YOU