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3.3 Internet Services

Internet Services

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3.3 Internet Services

  1. 1. Chapter Three 3.3 Internet Services At the end of this topic, students should be able to: Explain Internet Services
  2. 2. Internet Services Types of Internet Services p. 2.04 E-Mail Instant Messaging WWW VoIP Message Boards FTP
  3. 3. Internet Services – E-Mail What is e-mail? p. 2.25  Short for electronic mail  The transmission of messages and files via a computer network  consist of simple text or can contain attachments, such as documents, graphics, or audio/video clips  Some Web sites—such as MSN Hotmail and Yahoo!— provide free e-mail services  One of the original services on the Internet
  4. 4. Internet Services – E-Mail What is an e-mail address? p. 2.27 Fig. 2-25  Unique name that consists of a user name and domain name that identifies the user
  5. 5. Create an Account in GMail
  6. 6. Internet Services – E-Mail • A user name – a unique combination of characters, such as letters of the alphabet and/or numbers, that identifies a specific user. • Address book/ contacts folder – contains a list of names and e-mail address. • SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) – a communications protocol used by some outgoing mail servers. • POP3 (Post Office Protocol – the latest version) – a communications protocol used by some incoming mail servers.
  7. 7. Internet Services – E-Mail What is a mailing list? p. 2.31 Fig. 2-29  Also called as a distribution list Definition – a group of e-mail names and addresses given a single name  When a message is sent to the mailing list, everyone on the list receives the message  To add your name to a mailing list you must subscribe to it; to remove your name you must unsubscribe
  8. 8. E-Mail • Mailing lists & newsletters are one of the best ways to reach a targetted audience with each person having signed up specifically to receive information about your product or service. • Medical mailing list example : AllMedia Inc. can handle any medical mailing list or medical email list request.
  9. 9. Internet Services – Instant Messaging
  10. 10. Internet Services – VoIP Also called Internet telephony. Enables users to speak to other users over the Internet. To connect a calling party to one or more local or long distance called parties.
  11. 11. Internet Services – VoIP
  12. 12. Internet Services – Newsgroup & Message Boards What are newsgroups and message boards? p. 2.30 Fig. 2-28  Newsgroup  Many Web sites use message boards because they are easier to use  Online area where users discuss a particular subject  Message board  Type of discussion group
  13. 13. Sample of Newsgroup • Asus newsgroup on usenet, very helpful bunch. • Hi Peter, When I had a A7N266-VM board, I found the Asus newsgroup alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus on usenet was a very good and friendly place for all sorts of Asus advice.
  14. 14. Internet Services - FTP What is FTP? p. 2.29 Fig. 2-27  File Transfer Protocol  Internet standard that allows you to upload and download files with other computers on the Internet
  15. 15. • FTP is one method, users have to transfer webpage files from their local machine to the server. FTP is performed using a 3rd party FTP program. • Some examples of FTP programs are SmarterFTP, WS_FTP and Internet Explorer. Web developing programs like Dreamweaver can also be used to establish an FTP connection to a server. Internet Services - FTP
  16. 16. Sample of FTP Program • From FileZilla: • FileZilla is an FTP program for file uploading and downloading to and from your FTP site, server, or host. The program lets you transfer files and navigate among folders, Web sites, and your computer. This software enables you to perform multiple file transfers simultaneously.
  17. 17. Question & Answer on FTP • Question: What do I use to log into FTP? • Answer: You will login using the FTP username and password that was supplied to you at the time you signed up with
  18. 18. Question &Answer on FTP • Question: What software do I use to FTP? • Answer: There are a number of FTP programs available. Some examples are SmarterFTP, WS_FTP, Filezilla, etc. You also have the option to use Internet Explorer.
  19. 19. Question &Answer on FTP • To use Internet Explorer please follow these steps: Open Internet Explorer • Type in and press Enter. • When prompted, enter your password