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3.4 Type of Website


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Type of Website

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3.4 Type of Website

  1. 1. Chapter Three 3.4 Type Of Website At the end of this topic, students should be able to: Describe the type of websites
  2. 2. Types of Website • There are thirteen types of Web sites Discovering Computers 2012: Chapter 2 2 Portal News Informational Business/Marketing Blog Wiki Online Social Network Educational
  3. 3. Types of Website Entertainment Advocacy Web Application Content Aggregator Personal Discovering Computers 2012: Chapter 2 3
  4. 4. Portal • A web site that offers variety of internet services from single, convenient location. • Have online communities.  Online community – a web site that joins a specific group of people with similar interests or relationships. • Popular portals – AltaVista, AOL, Excite,, iGoogle, Lycos, MSN and Yahoo! • A wireless portal – designed for Internet-capable mobile devices.
  5. 5. Example of Portal
  6. 6. News • Contains newsworthy material including stories and articles relating to current events, life, money, sports and the weather. • Provide summaries of printed articles.
  7. 7. Example of News
  8. 8. Informational • Contains factual information. Example :- Some organizations provide information such as public transportation schedules and published research findings.
  9. 9. Example of Informational
  10. 10. Business / Marketing • Contains content that promotes or sells products or services. • Many of these enterprises also allow you to purchase their products or services online.
  11. 11. Examples of Business / Marketing
  12. 12. Examples of Business / Marketing
  13. 13. Blog • A short for Weblog • An informal web site consisting of time-stamped articles, or posts in a diary or journal format, usually listed in reverse chronological order. • Reflects the interest, opinions and personalities of the author and sometimes site visitors. • Important means of worldwide communications. • vlog (a video blog) – a blog that contains video clips. • Microblog – allows users to publish short messages • Blogosphere – worldwide collection of blogs. • Vlogosphere – all vlogs worldwide. • Blogger – blog author. • Vlogger – vlog author
  14. 14. Example of Blog
  15. 15. Example of Vlog
  16. 16. Example of Microblog
  17. 17. Wiki • A collaborative web site that allows users to create, add to, modify, or delete the web site content via their web browser. • Open to modification by the general public. • The difference between a wiki and blog is that users cannot modify original posts made by the blogger.
  18. 18. Examples of Wiki Website
  19. 19. Examples of Wiki Website
  20. 20. Examples of Wiki
  21. 21. Online Social Network • Also called a social networking Web site • Websites that encourages members in its online community to share their interests, ideas, stories, photos, music and videos with other registered users • A media sharing web site – a specific type of online social network that enables members to share media such as photos, music and videos.
  22. 22. • Flickr, Fotki and Webshots – popular photo sharing communities. • Eyespot and YouTube – popular video sharing communities. Examples of Media Sharing Website
  23. 23. Examples of Online Social Network
  24. 24. Educational • Offers exciting, challenging avenues for formal and informal teaching and learning.
  25. 25. Examples of Educational Website
  26. 26. Entertainment • Offers an interactive and engaging environment
  27. 27. Examples of Entertainment
  28. 28. Advocacy • Contains content that describes a cause, opinion or idea. • Usually present views of particular group of association.
  29. 29. Example of Advocacy
  30. 30. Web Application • Allow users to access and interact with software through a web browser on any computer or device that is connected to the Internet. • Provide free access to their software. • Example :- Google Docs (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations), TurboTax Online (tax preparation) and Windows Live Hotmail (e- mail)
  31. 31. Example of Web Application
  32. 32. Content Aggregator • A business that gathers and organizes web content and then distributes, or feeds, the content to subscribers for free or a free. • RSS 2.0 (Really Simple Syndication) – a specification that some content aggregator use to distribute content to subscribers.
  33. 33. Examples of Content Aggregator
  34. 34. Personal • People publish personal web pages for a variety of reasons. • Others simply want to share life experiences with the world.
  35. 35. Examples of Personal