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Fjord Equinox: strategy prototyping


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By Claudia Gorelick, Head of Business Design NA, and Tobias Kruse, Head of Business Design EALA.

Published in: Design
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Fjord Equinox: strategy prototyping

  1. 1. Strategy Prototyping Strategy PrototypingIn uncertain times, insight and action beats planning. EQX Live
  2. 2. Strategy Prototyping Introduction In today’s volatile, complex and ambiguous landscape, companies are facing some serious challenges when trying to come up with the right strategy.
  3. 3. Strategy Prototyping Introduction Liquid Customer Expectations Fierce competition Exponential Acceleration >Uncertainty
  4. 4. Strategy Prototyping The Evolution of Strategy Agile isn’t just for development and design anymore. Organizations have begun to realize that it can also be applied to a traditionally slow function: strategy. Tim Leberecht, Strategy artist and Ted speaker
  5. 5. Strategy Prototyping How to act in uncertain times When facing the unknown, act your way into the future that you desire, don’t think your way into it. Thinking does not change reality, nor does it necessarily lead to any learning. Leonard A. Schlesinger, Harvard Business School
  6. 6. Strategy Prototyping Combining the power of design, agile & classical strategy consulting In our volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous times strategy consulting needs a reinvention through Introduction
  7. 7. Strategy Prototyping 701 / 20 From To • Working sequentially, only making first step when whole plan is in place • Risk management through predictability and maturity • Working behind closed doors • Using business data as the core foundation Here’s how strategy consulting needs to evolve • Small, iterative steps (hypothesis > prototyping > user validation) • Risk management through speed, fast learning and viability • Open collaboration between consultants & clients • Use user data to develop a coherent strategy based on desirability Introduction
  8. 8. Fjord Brand Story 2017 : 01 / 2001 / 20 Exercise: 
 Develop a 
 Strategy MVP
  9. 9. Strategy Prototyping Key take-aways Ambiguity everywhere Too little (or not exactly correct) data Simulates the real world Too little time Multiple stakeholders
  10. 10. Strategy Prototyping Intro Exercise Okcupid Our Client
  11. 11. Strategy Prototyping Intro Exercise Who is Okcupid Highly fragmented market Online dating has won in popularity in all ages, including older people Tinder reinvented the market and has over one billion swipes / day
  12. 12. Strategy Prototyping 01 / 20 Update app to make it more engaging The Brief Intro Exercise
  13. 13. Strategy Prototyping Each of you will play 
 a specific role: 
 User, Market, Business, Competition. Group Exercise
  14. 14. Strategy Prototyping 1. Reframe the Ask 2. Identify concepts that align with the new objective 3. Choose KPIs to measure the concepts Exercise – Activities 20 min
  15. 15. Strategy Prototyping Key 
  16. 16. Strategy Prototyping Key take-aways Keep humans at the center Work in parallel with multiple data lenses Rethink your strategy approach Focus on learning, outcomes and impact Iterate (refine your strategy with each iteration)
  17. 17. Strategy Prototyping Don’t fear uncertainty, embrace it. Key take-aways
  18. 18. Strategy Prototyping Thank you