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Fjord Live Innovation: Rethinking the grocery shopping experience for Whole Foods Market


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In this program, SXSW festival attendees contributed ideas to help Fjord solve the following design challenge in just 48 hours: how do we enhance the connected grocery shopping experience?

Attendees participated in two days of micro-activities themed to Fjord Trends to ideate around improving shopping at Whole Foods Market.

The result? The Whole 10 Cookbook – 10 recipes for success in the connected marketplace.

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Fjord Live Innovation: Rethinking the grocery shopping experience for Whole Foods Market

  1. 1. The Whole 10 Cookbook Recipes for success in the connected marketplace. #FjordTrends | #LiveInnovation | #SXSW2018
  2. 2. 2 Get friendly with folks Learn who your shoppers are, what they like and predict daily behaviors without overstepping your bounds or telling people they are who they aren’t. Innovate everyday Stay on top of microtrends and user behavior across a diverse array of contexts while staying true to your authentic brand identity. Focus on localities Shoppers want to know where their sustainable products are coming from and take advantage of opportunities to support community growers.Much like SXSW, Whole Foods has strong roots in Austin that have grown over the years, expanding to global reach. Your shoppers have their own personality. Don't hide it: embrace it. 1. Keep Whole Foods weird
  3. 3. 3 Keep me protected Shoppers have entrusted you with deeply personal data — maintain that trust and keep their data safe. Don’t judge me Let the shopper be in charge of their choices and don’t use their information to make insensitive suggestions. Opt for optionality Let the shopper decide how connected they want to be while providing high value to every baseline experience — everything else is icing on the cake.Some shoppers are happy to share data to allow for a seamless shopping experience, but know how much is too much. 2. Be the good kind of weird, not the creepy kind
  4. 4. 4 Know my dietary needs Help make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for those with food allergies or health restrictions. Know my preferences Understand what shoppers like and don’t like, then use that data to help them discover new products they’ll truly love. Know my history Learn what shoppers are purchasing, how much, and how frequently to predict future needs so you can deliver solutions that are meaningful.Help shoppers make decisions they didn’t know they wanted to make without forcing their hand. Balancing dynamic needs for convenience and discovery can lead to serendipity. 3. Show me you really know me (even if you’ve never met me)
  5. 5. 5 Turn my smartphone into my 6th sense Enhance the shopping experience by utilizing technology before they have a chance to reach for it. Meld online and in-store experiences Give the shopper the ability to browse, discover and order new products, even when they’re out of stock in the store. Lift the cognitive burden of shopping Turn a typically overwhelming task into a simple, intuitive and delightful experience. Use technology to enhance the physical and sensory experiences of your shoppers. 4. Engage senses, hearts & minds at every opportunity
  6. 6. 6 There’s always more to discover The digital shopping experience shouldn’t be limited to ticking off items on a list: always recommend pairings. Payment options at every touchpoint Integrate ways for shoppers to pay how they want and when they want, in-store, at home and everywhere in between. Seamless connections Allow shoppers to utilize Whole Foods, Amazon, and 365 properties at once without having to think about it too much — the value props of each brand will shine through. Just because they aisle ends doesn’t mean their options do. There’s always more to discover, you just need to help them get there. 5. Deliver on the promise of the endless aisle
  7. 7. 7 Tell the whole story Don’t lose sight of the people, locations and cultures that help fill your shelves. Where did it come from? Shoppers appreciate knowing what growers and farming practices they’re supporting. Fresh food now Shoppers want locally, sustainably and ethically grown or raised products. Let them know what’s fresh and in season. Doing what’s right for shoppers on a large scale can be accomplished in small, considerate and meaningful ways. 6. Think global, act local to the nth power
  8. 8. 8 Practice what you teach Provide your employees with comprehensive training so they have the tools necessary to represent the brand. A smile goes a long way Enhance the shopping experience with friendly team member interactions across all touchpoints. Employees are experts Use employee knowledge to answer questions and share expertise with shoppers. Employees are more than just hired help, they are a valuable team members that can provide shoppers with information and human touch that no technology can mimic. 7. Empower employees to guide experiences
  9. 9. 9 Foster a culture of innovation Wear your reputation as fearless innovators loud and proud. Build a framework across all channels Provide your organization with tools and incentives that enable individuals to cultivate and implement their best ideas. Make shopping frictionless Find new ways to enable your platforms have conversations with each other serendipitously. Innovation never stands still. Use the tools (and humans) you have to continuously innovate and improve. 8. Apply innovation actively and on the fly
  10. 10. 10 Speak my language Be as inclusive as possible when it comes to shoppers with different language and physical limitations. Limiting inclusivity means losing out on opportunities to learn and grow. Natural language is the way forward. Value our conversations like a good friend would Technology shouldn’t just respond back: it should be able to ask questions and gather more detailed information from shoppers to relieve burdens and provide ideal experiences. Please hear me and understand me Make sure your technology doesn’t just hear your customer, but understands their needs, wants and intentions.Communicating with technology should feel as familiar and accessible as communicating with a real person. 9. Employ machines that feel my pain
  11. 11. 11 Welcome new family Engage the family and keep the little ones in mind to make shopping enjoyable for everyone. 10. Wear your heart on your apron Embrace the humanity Grocery stores are a little chaotic by nature. Find the ways to make that chaos work to your advantage and keep shoppers happy. Be your best self Own your actions and be grounded enough to learn so you can pivot quickly based on solid feedback. Growth means change and change can mean chaos. Stay human, humble and transparent.
  12. 12. Thank you #FjordTrends | #LiveInnovation | #SXSW2018